The past that was left behind

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Chapter 24

Dazai was sitting by a tree, the wind was blowing. The fresh breeze was calming, he could hear the birds chirping...

That was when the Orange haired kid ran past him.

He wanted to stop him. To say hello or something just to tell him that he's not alone.

Dazai wanted to say that he wanted to be his friend.

But by then the kid Jose was chasing the poor boy. Dazai got up and ran as fast as he could, why didn't he help him before?

Dazai continued to scold himself as he rushed to make sure the petite Orange haired boy didn't get hurt again.


As he ran he also saw the marks on Chuuya's skin. Marks Dazai never wanted to see on anyone. Dazai wanted to make up for the hell the petite orange boy probably went through. No one deserved this. Dazai knew what it felt to be alone. He never knew his parents and lived on the streets before his sister and Oda came into the picture. Something about the petite boy made Dazai want to take care of him, hold him, and make sure he was okay. 

Dazai himself had no reason to live but kept living to see if odds would play in his favor. He too would slit his wrists, it somehow made things better which is part of the reason he wears bandages. It was hell being addicted to drawing blood because sometimes he'd go too deep. He never wanted to really die but Dazai did not want to live either. It was odd but he did not want someone else to go through pain.


By the time Dazai actually caught up Jose was already beating the orange boy. Luckily his sister and Oda had taught him how to fight. 

Dazai called out for Jose. 

With a few punches and blood coming from both of their mouths Jose had enough, he pulled out a knife. 

Dazai being Dazai, he just laughed. 

Which angered Jose, so he lunged at Dazai actually getting his arm. 

"ah fuck...really jose? my arm? not even my heart or stomach?" Dazai whined pulling out the knife. 

The knife was covered in blood but Dazai threw it directly at Jose nearly hitting his eye. ]

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