The heart

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Chapter 32


"What do you want Dazai?" 

"I didn't know you could sound so loud and eager~!" 


Chuuya felt him snake his arms around his waist. "Hmph." 

He felt Dazai start playing with his hair, "Why are you mad Chuuya~ I gave you what you wanted- and more~" 

Chuuya didn't want to waste his breath so he grabbed a pillow and slammed it on the other's face.

"Chuu you're so mean~"

"go to hell."


He let out a fake gasp and gave Dazai a shocked stern look.

"I'm starting work today, I don't have time for your games. bye." Chuuya said, getting up.

Dazai pulled him down smashing their lips together. Once their kiss came to an end, Chuuya rushed out the door flustered. 


Wasn't Dazai the one who was mad in the first place? tch. What ever. 


Chuuya was assigned to a Women named Kouyou, a tall and slender woman with pink hair tied into a traditional Japanese bun, she wore a kimono and had violet eyes. She was a Port Mafia executive, her ability was Golden Demon.  Two weeks passed, she became somewhat of a mother to Chuuya. Although she put Chuuya through harsh near death training, she would tend to his wounds each day. She would tell Chuuya that he was born for this line of work given his talent, he met the requirements for an executive in such little time. She began to notice the hole that was forming in Chuuya's heart. 


Chuuya hardly saw Dazai anymore, turns out that after all this time his best friend named Odasaku never died. It's not that Chuuya was jealous- 


"Yes, dear?" 

"I'm not jealous that Dazai doesn't pay attention to me anymore." 

"Hmm, sure you're not." 

"You're right. I'm so god damn jealous and it fucking hurts!" Chuuya screamed out. 

"Language Chuuya!" 


"Come here Chuuya..." Kouyou said as she opened her arms. Chuuya accepted the motherly embrace. "It'll be alright, he's just excited that his friend in name isn't dead, surely you understand."

"He doesn't even stop by, he won't even greet me when he walks by-" Chuuya tried choking back the sobs. 

"What happened to our relationship...It doesn't even exist anymore."

"I know you wouldn't like me saying this Chuuya, he brings you more harm than good. I know you love him and I'm sure he loves you too...Talk to him Chuuya. That is your best option." Kouyou said as she wiped Chuuya's tears with a cloth. 

"Now run along, before he gets assigned to another job!" 


Angsty chapter ..sorry about that but hey, here's an update (: 

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