Oh no...

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Chapter 14

Dazai woke up and for some reason and Chuuya wasn't next to him. He just waited patiently til he came back. A few minutes passed and he became impatient. 

He looked around for Chuuya only to find him on the couch. He looked as if he went out drinking, sure they're seniors but really?  Dazai laughed and carried him back to the bed. 

Dazai looked at him, he put a hand on one of Chuuya's cheeks and made circles with his thumb. 

He then lightly kissed Chuuya's lips and started walking away.

Chuuya grabbed Dazai's hand

"Taking advantage of me while I'm sleeping? that's low" 

Dazai smirked while he pushed Chuuya and was now on top of him. 

"OI Dazai get off!" 

Dazai just smashed his lips on Chuuya's earning a small gasp from him. 

He smiled while Chuuya started to catch the pace. Dazai kissed Chuuya's cheek and traveled down to his neck. He found Chuuya's soft spot and continued kissing it harder. A moan escaped from Chuuya's lips causing Dazai to 



Chuuya opened his eyes. What the heck?! was I dreaming? 

Dazai looked with a confused expression then smirked. 

"You were having a naughty dream? Right Chuu-ya?" 

 "I wasn't."  

"oh. really? ok."

Chuuya was glad Dazai didn't catch on. Hopefully, he didn't mumble in his sleep. 


The day went on, they went to get groceries and were about to watch a movie when they started arguing over which movie to watch. Chuuya wanted to watch Lilo & Stitch and Dazai wanted to watch Aladdin. 

the argument continued until 

"At least I don't have dirty dreams Chuu-ya~!" 


"Then why are you screaming?"

"because I can Dazai." Chuuya snickered. 

"You can also stop moaning my name in your sleep." 

Chuuya froze. 'Dam it'  

He could feel his face heating up. "Fuck off Dazai." 

"So how bout instead of a movie... we try whatever it was you were dreaming about~?" Dazai said teasingly. 

"shuUt UP. No. Just stop."  Chuuya said now flustered. 

Dazai got up and stood in front of Chuuya. 

He pulled Chuuya closer, kissed his forehead and whispered in his ear "we can do that when we're married or do you prefer now?"



The end of chapter 14! Chapter 15 might just be the last chapter!

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