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Chapter 4

After Dazai helped Chuuya home. They both sat on the couch. 

Chuuya still scared from the events with tears threatening to spill out of his eyes. Chuuya had forgotten how it felt to get beaten again. After all, his parents were abusive and it's been a while since his bullies have beaten him too. 

Chuuya couldn't help it anymore. He started crying...sobbing even. He didn't care that Dazai saw him. At this point, Chuuya was done..more done than before. What was his point in living? That dream he couldn't even imagine in his head? Lost is what he felt. LOST. Besides that feeling, he forgot what everything in this world meant. He never knew why he kept on living. 

Out of all the people in the world, Chuuya had to have this life. It felt like he was destined to live like this forever, alone and painful. That thought made Chuuya cry even harder. 

"why me..."    Chuuya whimpered. 

Dazai couldn't handle it anymore. Dazai knew that his parents were abusive and left Chuuya to fend for himself due to the rumors people would tell him. It hurt Dazai's heart to see Chuuya cry. It felt as if his heart and stomach were getting squished and twisted together. He just couldn't take it. 

"why me.." Chuuya whimpered again crying into his knees. 

Dazai got up and kneeled by Chuuya nudging him a bit. 

Chuuya refused to look at Dazai but Dazai wasn't going to let Chuuya fend for himself anymore. Dazai picked up Chuuya and carried him to what he knows is Chuuya's room. He sat down on Chuuya's bed with Chuuya in his arms. 

Chuuya was startled at first but eased into Dazai's arms in need of warm human contact. Chuuya continued to cry into Dazai's chest.  Dazai played with Chuuya's hair in hopes to calm him down. Chuuya had fallen asleep, Dazai tried to place him on his bed but Chuuya wouldn't let go. 

Dazai laughed a bit. "So you don't hate me after all." 

Dazai managed to move enough to where they were both laying down. Chuuya still wouldn't let go but Dazai didn't mind because, over the few days, Dazai developed feelings for the shorty. Dazai tried to move again but Chuuya stirred and snuggled into Dazai's arms and chest even more. Dazai couldn't help but smile, he watched Chuuya sleep until he grew tired and held Chuuya close.  


The end of chapter 4! It's cute and sad. 

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