I could kill you right now

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Chapter 20

It was now 2 am and Chuuya still wasn't back. Dazai sighed and decided he was going to sleep on the couch tonight.


Dazai was about to fall asleep when he heard the door unlock. Chuuya walked in awkwardly with Jose right behind him. 

"Well, I should go! it was a nice date Chuu-ya~!" (jose)

Dazai scoffed. He didn't even say it right. 

Dazai walked Jose out so he could finally have Chuuya to himself. 

Jose pulled Dazai outside shutting the door in the process. 

Dazai raised a brow in confusion. 

"So what are you to Chuuya?" 

"His boyfriend. Now leave." Dazai said with a smile. 

"Makes sense he wouldn't shut up about you. Jeez. I thought I could make him fall in love with me but he kept talking about you." Jose sounded annoyed.

If anything Dazai should beat him for even trying. He was about to walk back inside

"Man his lips tasted so sweet... I was sad when he pushed me away~" 

Dazai snapped.

He shoved Jose into the wall and pinned him. 

"you. did. what.?"

Jose smirked he knew he hit the spot. 

"too bad~ but hey.... Why don't you love me instead~?"

"Because I wouldn't want to be with someone as disgusting as you. Leave before I beat the shit out of you." Dazai said growling. 

"I was kidding." 

Dazai let him go. 

"I did kiss him tho." Jose smirked. Dazai glared harshly still wanting to beat him to a pulp. 

"You should love me instead. You seem exactly my type Dazai-kun~" Jose said raising his hand to touch  Dazai's face. 

That was when a certain orange haired male smacked jose's hand.   

"Don't touch him." Chuuya hissed. 

"I knew your game from the beginning, Jose. After all, we were good friends." (Chuuya)

"But seriously if you touch My  Dazai again, I swear to god I will make sure you never breathe again." (Chuuya)

"Alright... little Chuuya~ I won't touch him... I'll make him fall in love with me instead. Goodbye." 

Chuuya scoffed.

Dazai snickered. 


The two went back inside the apartment and sat on the couch silently. They needed to process the events. 

 Chuuya's heartbeat started speeding up. 

Not now. He didn't want an attack now. Of all times why now?

He didn't want to lose Dazai. Dazai was the last hope left, he was his everything. He can't fall in love with someone else. He. just. can't. Dazai was the only family he had now. He can't. Knowing jose... he..he would find a way. He would find a way to take him. 

Chuuya was hyperventilating. 

Dazai was freaking out. He hasn't seen Chuuya like this. 

He didn't know what was going on.

Dazai pulled Chuuya into his chest and cradled him in his arms. 

He repeated the words "I'm here for you...it's okay" 

He ran his fingers through Chuuya's hair until his breathing returned to normal. 


End of Chapter 20! Woah. So much drama. Was it too rushed? IGNORE THE GRAMMAR IM SORRY!!!  

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