Chuuyas revenge

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Chapter 28

"Is my little kitten all tuckered out," Dazai chuckled out.


“Shut up Dazai.” Chuuya snickered.

“Aww but kitten~”

“Tch. teme (bastard)...why do you even call me that?

“Cuz you’re cute~”

Chuuya threw a pillow at Dazai face. He forgot he didn’t have any pants on. He could feel the blush that was dusted across his cheeks. Rushing to the shower, he hoped to avoid conversation about recent events.

Chuuya looked in the mirror and saw the lovemarks Dazai had left him. Shitty Dazai.


Chuuya got out of the shower, his lower half still feeling delicate.

He blushed at the thought again and scoffed.

He walked out of the bedroom to see wine. Wine?

There was a bottle of wine and a cup. Where the hell is Dazai?

Chuuya took this opportunity to grab a cup and fill it to the rim. He couldn’t resist free wine; and the expensive kind too. He finished the wine pretty quickly and didn’t waste any time pouring another cup.

This continued ’til the bottle was basically gone.


Chuuya forgot one thing. Dazai.

“Aw Chuuya you’re so cruel~...I go out to buy you expensive wine and you don’t leave me any?”

Chuuya froze. Fuck. Feeling cocky he replied “Whooo are youuu to tell me what to dooo??”

Dazai’s eyes widened. He had never seen Chuuya like this and he was a bit amused. Why didn’t he try this before?

Dazai wanted to try something. He grabbed Chuuya by the waist and pushed him onto the bed. He slowly crawled on top of Chuuya making sure to keep his lips a centimeter from Chuuya’s.

Chuuya would have usually punched him but that was not the case this time. Something flickered in Chuuya’s eyes.

Dazai was suddenly on his back.

Chuuya tugged Dazai’s hair and forcefully kissed him. Now this…....This is what really caught Dazai off guard.

Chuuya kept tugging on Dazai’s hair. The two were now kissing passionately. The rhythm between them synced as much as Chuuya’s sloppiness would allow. Dazai’s hands were tightly pinned down while Chuuya roughly bit Dazai’s neck.

Chuuya didn’t stop there, he trailed down Dazai’s body just as Dazai did to him; teasingly touching his pale skin. Dazai struggled against Chuuya’s touch, aching for more. Drawing figures along Dazai’s hip was producing an even bigger reaction than Chuuya expected. He found a sensitive spot.

This was revenge for all the marks that Dazai left on his body. His own personal portrait.

Chuuya was going to unwrap Dazai’s bandages but Dazai abruptly stopped him.


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