The past that was left behind

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Chapter 23

"Chu...Chuuya....that boy....that boy was me."

Both were left speechless.


The two sat there staring at each other, looking for answers.


A couple of years ago Dazai moved to this a little city with his sister and a brotherly friend named Odasaku.

He knew nothing about his parents they had died somehow and to this day he never knew what happend. Dazai met Odasaku after his parents died and they bonded from the start. Odasaku would give the best advice, he would always be there when Dazai was troubled.

His sister was part of a secret organization. She was caring? Enough to keep him alive with a semi-stable home and food.

Oda and Dazai's sister started acting strange. Not strange like in stranger things but they were out of the loop. Like they knew something they weren't suppose to or that something was going to happen.

They disappeared leaving Dazai to fend for himself.

He transferred into a school, it seemed darker and creepier than the others he's been to.


People would often surround Dazai and ask if he was okay without his parents, or the girls would compliment his looks.

Dazai wasn't comfortable with people giving him all the attention.

When thankfully someone new transferred to the school.

Dazai was grateful, now he didn't have to constantly be annoyed by the girls. After all, he was gay he didn't want attention from girls.


The new kid found out Dazai was gay. How? He probably caught Dazai flirting outside of school.


When the word spread, nothing happened to Dazai and people admired him for being different.

That was the good thing

but the bad thing was

there was someone else.

Someone else with orange hair was confronted.

He looked terrified

a group surrounded him.

They forced him to say it out loud.

"I-I'm gay.." The boy cried out.

People spit on the kid.

Why would they do that? There's nothing wrong with being gay. After all, they were okay with Dazai being gay so what was the problem?

Dazai looked into it. He would see the small boy, isolated. He could feel shivers down his spine from all the glares the poor boy got.

The boy was cute, why didn't the girls surround him like they surrounded Dazai?

A couple of months past and Dazai finally found out about the rumors. Could this boy really do that? Is there was any logic behind that? If he were really capable of those things, why did he take shit from other people?

If he really did kill his parents and beat a lady at a shop

constantly ...would he really deal with people hurting him?

It took Dazai more months to find out who started the rumors.

A kid named Josue. Who's Josue?

He asked the girls around and said it was Jose's real name.

So it led him to a conclusion.

'So Jose's real name is Josue and he started the rumors. But why?'

Dazai was sitting by a tree, the wind was blowing. The fresh breeze was calming, he could hear the birds chirping...

That was when the Orange haired kid ran past him.

He wanted to stop him. To say hello or something just to tell him that he's not alone.

Dazai wanted to say that he wanted to be his friend.

But by then the kid Jose was chasing the poor boy. Dazai got up and ran as fast as he could, why didn't he help him before?

Dazai continued to scold himself as he rushed to make sure the petite Orange haired boy didn't get hurt again.


End of chapter 23! This will probably have another part! And please ignore the grammar mistakes because I did this at like 3 am

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