Jealousy or Lust? Both.

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Chapter 27

Once again Chuuya failed at expressing his emotions.


Several days had passed and Chuuya still couldn't get his mind off what Dazai had said. He also couldn't get over that ridiculous hickey that Dazai gave him.

Who does that stupid Dazai think he is.

Chuuya huffed in annoyance since he kept having to fix his choker in order to hide it properly. He swore that next time he wouldn't let his hormones win and flick Dazai in the face if he ever tried to leave one of these stupid annoying hickies.

But didn't it feel good~ a stupid voice in his head purred. Chuuya blushed and left the house to go to school.


School passed like a blur, it wasn't like Chuuya paid attention anyway. He just wanted to go home. Totally not because he wanted to spend time with that stupid Dazai, he was just tired.

The last bell rang and everyone started walking out while the teacher said the homework almost no one did anyway.

Chuuya got to his locker and noticed that Dazai wasn't waiting for him there. Weird, he's always out by now.

He decided to wait for him by Dazais locker.

He spaced out on his way over and hit a wall. Well at least he thought it was a wall until he felt it rumble with laughter.

Chuuya squeaked and jumped back.

"I'm so sorry I didn't see you-" Chuuya began rambling on. The stranger stopped laughing.

"Don't worry about it, it was actually kinda cute," he said. Chuuya looked down flustered. "My names Kisumi, and you are?"

Chuuya barely managed to squeak out his name to the stranger since they were still very close to each other. Chuuya was about to excuse himself when Kisumi was pushed back.

Chuuya felt himself being dragged away by the arm. He looked at the force pulling him to see a bandaged hand wrapped around his forearm.


Dazai was quiet the entire way back home. Why was Chuuya so close to another guy? How was that other guy to Chuuya? All these thoughts ran through his head but he kept quiet.

Dazai opened the door forcefully and basically threw Chuuya inside.

"Fuck, Dazai I don't know what you're thinking but I don't even know him. I bumped into him and-"

Dazai cut him off. "Oh it's fine then. Since you don't know him it makes everything fine, right? The way he was looking at you was fine, right? Especially since you liked his attention."

Chuuya stayed quiet. He didn't know what to say since what Dazai was saying wasn't entirely wrong.

Dazai pushed him up against the wall.

"So I was right. You liked the way he looked at you."

Chuuya tried to look away but Dazai forced his head to look up at him. He forced Chuuya to look at him and Dazais eyes seemed to soften after a while.

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