A need

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Chapter 8

They didn’t talk the whole day. Both of them felt like the other needed space.

For Chuuya...He felt so alone again. The pain rushing in, he felt as if his heart was getting punched over and over again.

Chuuya decided to go home early today. He hoped Dazai would follow but he had told Dazai to Fuck off.

As he was walking out the gate of the school

“My my Chuuya where’s your friend?”

He ignored the bully and continued to walk away. Well tried to walk away before the bully had him by his collar.

“Since your friend isn’t here why don’t we have some fun?”

Chuuya expected this. He expected to be alone again and expected to get beat again because it was just destined to do so.

He was destined to be alone and live in misery.

Chuuya didn’t even bother counting how many times the bully had punched him.

All he knew was that his body ached all over. He could feel what would later become bruises.

The worst part of all was that blood was oozing out of him. From where? Chuuya didn’t bother to even check, he felt dead inside anyway.

He told his only friend to leave him alone and now he truly was alone.


Chuuya cried the rest of the day. The only reason he stopped crying was because he couldn’t anymore.

With a final tear, he went to sleep hugging his favorite pillow.


Chuuya didn’t want to go to school but he did anyway. He didn’t bother to clean up the blood stains from his wounds.

He thought that if he went back to the old ways of going to school then going home to cry, he would forget about Dazai.

He was wrong. All he thought about was Dazai. Thoughts like only if Dazai were here…

Only if he didn’t tell Dazai to leave him alone. In fact, Chuuya’s face was all bruised so he heard ugly bickering from people in the halls today.

He walked in sat down and hoped Dazai didn’t go to school today. He wasn’t ready to see him, he wasn’t ready to look at Dazai because that would only make him cry.


Class ended and Chuuya’s wish was granted. Dazai didn’t go to school, it was bittersweet.

Chuuya got to his apartment he heard something in his room. He walked in the room only to see a crying Dazai. 


The end of Chapter 8!

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