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Chapter 2

As Chuuya was walking through the halls, he didn't hear insults. There was also no bullies. Then he heard people talking about 'the new kid'. 

new kid? 

Chuuya thought about it. Maybe this new kid was another good looking guy the girls would fight each other for.  He ignored it, it didn't matter to him because it probably meant another bully to deal with. 


Class started and of course, the teacher called out "we have a new student guys" 

Chuuya practically choked on his own spit. 

It was the kid with the bandages. Except now that Chuuya thought about it, he never saw the boy around before.  

The boy had brown hair, chestnut eyes and was fairly tall. Then again anyone was taller than Chuuya. 

Chuuya noticed he was staring but before looking away the bandaged boy smirked and sent him a wink. That caught him off guard. What did that mean... 

Chuuya quickly looked away and started doodling. The newbie then walked over and sat next to Chuuya since it was the only spot left. 

"funny. I saw you yesterday too." 

Chuuya never expected the newbie to start a conversation. He just gave a surprised look. 

"wow, well I'm Dazai Osamu and you are?" 

"I'm C-huuya Nakahara..." 

Dazai seemed amused but why would anyone be amused, Chuuya was just a rat not one wanted to exist. The lesson finally started and both boys 'paid attention' to the lesson. In reality, Chuuya was just observing the newbie. Was he just friendly? 

Chuuya stared for too long which led to intense eye contact with Dazai. Dazai just smiled while Chuuya was looking the opposite direction since he was embarrassed.  


The final bell rang. Chuuya made his way home when he noticed Dazai in front of him. Was the newbie just messing with him? 


Dazai turned around. Chuuya didn't know what to follow up with. He panicked, he hated when he was like this. 

"uhm...hello shorty?" 

"Tch. bandage boy." 

"Hey hey (Dazai laughed a bit) you called me remember?" 

Chuuya blushed. Wait blush? heck no Cchuuya thought... Sure, he was gay but this guy? no. 

Dazai poked Chuuya's cheek  

"Let's be friends Chuuya~" 


"But Chuuya?"

"tch. no." 

As to why Chuuya shut down Dazai's invitation to friendship, he doesn't know. It probably was going to be the only shot at friendship he would ever get. Frustrated with himself he walked past Dazai and head home.


It's the end of chapter 2! I think it's pretty good so far..maybe? 

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