Bonus chapter- Noah's untold story that will remain untold! End of story!

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WARNING: THE CHAPTER YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ MAY OR MAY NOT RUIN THE NICE ENDING! READ IF YOU WANT BUT NO SEQUEL!! UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS JUST TO TEASE YOU COZ I'M EVIL AND I CAN DO IT!! and besides after reading this you probably have other things on your trying to kill me but Ha! I already started running so try catching me now people!!!


*suddenly trips and falls over*

Why me?

*gets up and limps away and incredible speed!!...just ignore the snail passing me to my right*


"Hello ladies!" Noah said huskily as he walked past a group of hot girls.

The girls giggled and shot him a flirty look. Turning on his irresistible charm, Noah winked at them. This gave the girls a signal to walk up to Noah.

With his roguish smirk and charisma, Noah was able to get the girls numbers. He knew immediately he was getting lucky when one of them slipped the paper in his front pocket, lingering there long enough to give him a seductive look.

"Call me." She purred before sauntering away.

"Oh I will." Noah said while trailing his eyes up and down her retreating body.

Grinning, he turned on his feet and strolled down the pathway towards the old buildings where he had to meet someone.

Noah whistled as he walked.

From the outside, he looked like a carefree teenager. Everyone was drawn to this boy. People turned their heads to this happy-go-lucky person, especially when he smiled at them. No one could resist Noah's charm. When he smiled, they smiled because his beaming attitude was so contagious.

Noah knew this and found it rather amusing.

If only they knew...

Shaking his head, Noah crossed the street towards the crumbling and almost abandoned building. This wasn't the best side of town but the guy wouldn't meet him anywhere else.

Shoving his hands in his pocket, Noah lowly whistled a tune and headed to the correct destination. As he walked on the pathway, he heard some bickering followed by a loud shout.

Tilting his head in confusion, Noah slowed down his pace and listened.

"Shut up!"

There! It was just ahead of him.

Normally he would avoid such things but he felt he needed to go there and check it out. For a long time Noah trusted his instincts. They kept him alive.

He jogged towards the commotion which was in between two buildings. Noah stopped just by the entrance of the alley, looking inside he could see two people. One of them was backed to the wall and was far smaller than the one standing over them.

"Screw you Dom!"

Noah's eyes widened when he heard the feminine voice. Unconsciously his hands clenched at the thought of a guy raising a hand on a girl.

Dom growled in anger and shook the girls arm roughly. "You better listen to me you stupid girl!"

The girl spat in Dom's face. Noah had to admit she was brave but very stupid at the same time. She shouldn't anger Dom any further but luckily for her, he was here to save the day.

Noah smiled at the irony of being the knight in shining armor.

Just as the guy raised his fists, Noah was there in that split second to catch the hands before it hit the girl's face.

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