Chapter 25

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I've realized that i dont really listen to myself when it comes to updating...i say i'll update in 2 weeks and then 4 days later BAM!! an update...


i disapprove of this little control you guys have on me..... -.-


Getting up for school, I was extremely nervous.

Today was the day that I – Mia Snyder, was going to tell Cole Blackburn how I feel.

This shouldn't be too hard right?

Suddenly my breathing became shallow, my heart doubled as I gasped for air. Shoot! I forgot I lost all confidence I had before.

I can't do this!

I started to sweat when I realised that I wasn't even by Cole yet! I'll probably faint like the last time if I'm going at this rate.

Sighing, I groaned loudly. I am so screwed...

Forcing myself out of bed, I got ready. I decided to wear some of the clothes Kelly made me buy. No matter how much I hate her, but she was right about one thing.

Dressing up, improves your confidence greatly...I think?

Lord know I need that badly. So I got a pair of jeans and a nice white top. I was about to turn to the bathroom where I saw it. I don't know what Kelly was thinking, because that definitely does not suit me but she made me buy it anyway.

There hanging in my closet...

Was a black, leather jacket.

It was way to badass for me since I'm all shy and insecure. Scratching the back of my head, I debated whether I should wear it or not.

"I could bluff my way..." I mumbled to myself. Turning around, I consulted my two best friends that have always been with me.

Alex and my teddy....Teddy.

I plucked the jacket out and showed it to them, "Ok guys, make a sound or any sign for Yes or stay silent for No?"

Alex and Teddy stared at me from the bed. There big eyes were wide, just when I was going to put it away coz they didn't say anything – Alex meowed. Then suddenly Teddy fell from his sitting position on the bed.

Blinking and silently cursing them, I set the jacket on the bed to put on after I finish shower.

Walking to the bathroom I sent a glare at them, "Thanks guys." I grumbled and slammed my door on them.

I sighed...I'm totally losing it.


"Ok Mia, all you have to do is get Cole alone, ask him if the journal was true about what he said and then if he says he loves you, then tell him you love him too, Simple!" nervously laughing, I gripped the steering wheel until my knuckles were turning white.

Driving in school, I parked my dad's car and got out before I second guess myself and drive back home.

"Oh...shit..." I whispered to myself when every head in front of the school snapped my way. Gulping, I tried to play it cool, but I was so used to having most of the attention on the guys or Kelly – now it's on me! Alone! By myself!

Thank God I let my hair down so it could cover my face. Adjusting my leather jacket, I ran my hand through my hair out of nervousness and because I was slightly self-conscious. Taking a deep breath, I started to walk. Trying to distract myself for the onlookers, I searched for Cole.

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