Chapter 11

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"I love someone who doesn't know I exist or chooses not to" Noah said hesitantly, almost as if he didn't want to say it. Wow... just wow. My jaw dropped and my eyes widened, I still can't believe it! This has to be a dream, I mean come on, I actually found the guy with no effort at all; actually Noah practically came to me on a silver platter.

I really thought that finding the guy would be harder.

"I can't believe it!" I happily jumped up and down; I got close to Noah and grabbed his hands in mine. Grinning I gazed at him "I swear when I read that book it was amazing, you really showed how much you love her!" I paused for a moment and then I slapped his arm "Ouch! What was that for?" Noah pouted while taking a step away from me. "That's for not telling her you jerk, how could you make her wait?!" I yelled.

Then I remembered something "Whoa-wait, who is she?" I asked extremely curious and got in Noah's personal space. I had to know who she was, I mean I found the guy now I've got to know the girl. I just had to know!

I was gripping Noah's shirt and pulling his face forward, I was so determined that I didn't know what I was doing, his face got closer to mine, almost in kissing distance.

If I just leaned forward....

Then a pair of hands clamped on my waist and started to pull me away, "Give him some space Mia" Cole sounded annoyed as he lifted me up and tried to drag me away but I didn't let go of Noah's shirt and ended up pulling him as well.

"No, I must know who she is!" I wiggled in his grip but he held on tightly. Stupid muscles. I let go because, well, my body was parallel to the ground and I didn't want to fall if Cole ever decided to let go. But to my surprise and annoyance, he didn't, Cole was practically carrying me even though I wasn't holding Noah.

So here I am, in Cole's arms, yelling at Noah to tell me who the girl is. What a scene.

"Enough!" Cole shouted when Noah and I started to argue. "We are going to Noah's house and yes Mia, you are coming" I pouted and crossed my arms angrily when he said that. Cole kept carrying me so I wouldn't escape; we walked towards the car park, I tried to get down so I could go to my car but Cole held me tightly and said "No, you are coming with us. We'll drop you at your house later" my mouth fell.

"B-but what about my car and how am I going to get to school tomorrow?!" I exclaimed as Cole pushed me in the back seat. Before he closed the door, he leaned over and said cockily "We're picking you up tomorrow" Cole smirked and shut the door in my panicked face.

Noah sat in the passenger seat and turned his body around to look at me. Grinning at my scared face, he said "Welcome to the team, Cole and I have decided to make you the third member of our musketeer group" he grinned and gave me a thumb up then turned back in his seat just in time for Cole to start the car and drive.

There was only one thing to do to get out of this situation...whine.

"But I don't want to be in the group!"

"To damn bad, you know m-Noah's secret" Cole quickly corrected himself from whatever he was going to say. He cleared his throat awkwardly "And besides we can't let that secret get out..." Cole said while keeping his hard eyes on the road.

"Yeah, so just sit back and relax" Noah grinned at Cole who smirked in return. I shrunk back in the seat and pulled my bag closer to my chest.

I don't like the way they are looking at me.


 "Would you like something to drink Mia?" Mrs. Chapman asked nicely.

 "No I'm okay Mrs. Chapman but thank you for the offer" I gave her a small smile. I rubbed my sweaty hands on my jeans as I waited for Cole and Noah to get down here since they went up to Noah's room to clean it up about an hour ago. How long does it take to clean a room? I bet they stopped at everything they found that Noah lost at some point.

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