Chapter 24

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I sighed and put the book down. Leaning back on my bed, I closed my eyes. My mind drifted to Cole, was he really who I thought he was? Could this be fake?

No! It couldn't be.

I've read too many books to tell which is from the heart and which is not. Cole may just be putting words in this book but he's also showing his love. It's the only way for him, since he cannot say it out loud.

The words I'm reading, is the real Cole.

Kelly was wrong! Cole and Noah never became friends with me out of pity, or to get into my pants. They were genuine friends, always there to help me.

Sitting up, I gripped the book in determination.

There was only one way to confirm that this wasn't a joke. I skipped to the entry when Kelly started to hang out with me. Cole didn't disappoint when I read the first couple of words.

That damn whore!

How dare Kelly turn my angel into one of her stupid, mindless followers! I should have never hooked up with her at that party, but man was I drunk.

I miss my angel when she was shy and I could easily make her blush. I love that I know I have an effect on her just the way she does to me. But now she's hanging out with that spoilt brat, she's changed.

I was already pissed when I found that bastard Gale with her at the party and now she's with those jocks.

I'm not the jealous type but what's mine is mine. PERIOD!

Sometimes I look at her and she's looking back at me, but then she quickly looks she's afraid of what might happen if she looks a second longer.

Oh couldn't be more write about that.

I gotta find a way to get her out of it, to see that she doesn't need Kelly to be beautiful because she's already is – inside and out.

Tears struck my eyes but I blinked them away. Cole was right. I changed when I hung out with Kelly. I did miss some things that I love, like reading but Kelly told me to forget them because they make me look like a nerd...but I was a nerd.

I didn't realize I was slowly losing myself and turning into one of them.

Noah and Cole tried so hard to tell me but I just brushed them of and I almost lost them because of it.

I have to go find Cole!

Without a second thought I hopped out of bed, but as I did, I accidentally knocked the book to the floor with my knee. Being the book nerd I am, I treat every book I read with care, meaning no folding the corner of the papers, or eating around it when I know I might mess it.

"Crap!" I bent to pick up the book and noticed that it opened to a page I didn't read. I would have closed it, if it weren't the words on top that almost brought me to my knees.

I'm sorry Mia. I'm so fucking sorry for what I did to you!

It's just that I was so, so pissed.

I was pissed at myself for waiting so long to get with you, and I'm sorry I turned that anger on you. I never meant those words I said, it all just came out and I couldn't stop! I was blinded by my rage!

But what sent me off the edge was when you confessed to Noah.

You have no idea how much it hurt to see you do that.

To see the girl I love, ask my best friend out.

Noah's like a brother to me, so it...I cannot even put it into words Mia. You have this power over me, with a snap of a finger you easily break me.

I don't know what happened but I snapped. I wanted to show you that you belonged to me! I just wasn't thinking but I never meant to hurt you.

You didn't deserve it Mia, I'm sorry.

I know I screwed up, and I give you every right to hate me...but I can't...

The way he wrote, seemed like he was hesitating. The ink on the paper looked like he was pressed very hard. I also noticed the paper, which seemed to be a bit crumpled, as if Cole almost ripped it out.

"Oh Cole..." I whispered, my eyes softened as I kept reading.

I wish you would forgive me Mia.

I swear I'll do anything for you, even if you just want to be friends! I know it's impossible to be just friends with a person you're truly in love with, but I'll try Mia, just for you.

If I can be near you, it will be enough.

Just please, Please don't make us strangers again...

I've waited too long for this.

Suddenly Cole's writing started to get messy, as if he didn't want to add the next part.

But if you don't wish to be with me, I will honor your decision and stay away from you.

Just, see me one more time if you do decide that.

Please Forgive Me Mia...I'll be waiting.

Love Cole


My lips wobbled, closing the book I hurried to put on my shoes and jacket. Quickly I ran down the stairs, grabbed my keys and went to my car. Jumping in, I jammed in the key and turned.

My car suddenly jerked and then died.

"What! Come on car!" I tried turning the key but my car protested and then gave up. I almost screamed in anger. Hitting the steering wheel, I got out of the car and thought about calling Noah only to groan out loud.

My phone still lays on the ground in pieces, next to my bed.

Running my hands through my hair, I was tempted to walk but looking at the sun setting, I knew it wouldn't be safe.

Sighing, I walked back inside.

Guess I'll wait until tomorrow. Hopefully, Cole will be at school.




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