Chapter 16

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We were on our way to the party, Cole took this time to give me a run down on what to do and what not to do. I, being the completely inexperienced one, took everything in. Though there is a few things that I'm a bit wary about because I'm not sure if it's for Cole or for me. For instance take this advice Cole was telling me.

"Don't let a guy touch you, don't let him near you." I could feel Noah's eyes roll "You know what, don't even look at a guy" Cole gave me a hard stare that made me shrink into my seat. "If anyone is giving you trouble, call me or Noah. Do-"

Before Cole could finish that sentence he was cut off by Noah, "Okay! I think Mia's got the point. Stop ruining her first experience! Besides the guys won't go after her once they see you" Noah scolded. Cole just growled in annoyance but didn't comment.

As we arrived, I could hear the music blasting from inside the house. Drunk people coated the front yard, if I thought this was bad, entering the house was my nightmare.

Sticking close to Cole, because Noah disappeared the moment he stepped inside, something about seeing a hot girl. I practically glued myself to Cole when a drunk guy almost fell on me, but luckily Cole was there to push him away before he could even touch me.

Cole wrapped his arm around me to cover me from all the sweaty bodies, we made our way to through the house. I took comfort in Cole, thinking that this was a bad idea and that I should have listened to him about coming to this party.  

Taking a sweep of the room, I saw people dirty dancing, some making out and others spilling their drinks. "Hey are you okay?" I snapped my head to Cole who looked down at me with concern. I didn't want to seem like a baby so I nodded and tried to look like I'm not uncomfortable and wish I was at home instead.

"Yeah, it's just a little over whelming" I shouted over the music. Cole didn't look convinced but chose not to comment but asked instead "Do you want a drink?" I nodded. He left after a slight hesitation, pushing through drunk people. I stayed in a corner but soon was regretting it when some couple making out, were making their way to me. I don't think they even noticed me there, so I quickly rushed to the side, away from them as the guy pushed the girl against the wall.

I didn't know what possessed me to go upstairs but I found myself down the hall. I knew this was a bad idea when I could hear sounds coming from the rooms near me. Scrunching my face in disgust I was about to leave when I heard it.

Someone sobbed, I could hear it through the door which I assume is the bathroom. Taking a step closer, I pressed my ear to the door and listened. That cries were louder now, though it did seem quite familiar but I couldn't figure who was on the other side.

I decided to help the poor girl out, so taking a breath I opened the door slowly. Peeking my head through, I saw someone who I never thought I would see.

Okay maybe I did at this party but not in the bathroom crying.

There sitting on the floor was Kelly. She hid her face as she cried. My first thought was to get the hell out of here and forget that I saw the Oh-miss-popular crying in the bathroom. But my emotional side who felt sorry for her made me take a step forward.

"Um, Kelly?" I closed the door behind me, now sealing my fate.  

Her head snapped my way, she quickly wiped away the tears but they kept falling. "W-what are you doing here freak!" she tried to appear confident. "I-I was, um I heard crying a-and I thought..." I stuttered and then went silent.

I stood there and fiddled with my hands until I finally got the guts to say "Are you okay?"

Kelly looked surprised, she sighed and stood up. She stumbled a bit and I quickly caught her arm to steady her. "Thanks" she mumbled, now it was my turn to be surprised. Kelly took a deep breath and leaned against the sink, she looked in the mirror and sneered. "Argh! Look what a mess I am!"

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