Chapter 9

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Peeking behind the corner, I checked if the cost was clear of two particular people. When it was I let out a relieved breath and stepped out, I kept my eyes peeled out for any sign of them as I walked to the library; if I can get there then I'm safe. I already made it through half the day even though Cole was in most of my classes, then again he didn't really come after me. Shrugging at that thought, I continued on my way.

"Oh, no" I whispered, there standing in front of me was Noah who was standing on his toes, looking for someone in the crowd. When he caught my eye, I knew he was after me because suddenly he started wave crazily at me and shouting my name, people began to turn around and stare. I would have too if I wasn't in this situation, it's not every day that the golden boy is interested in someone. I pretended not to see him and quickly turned around only to feel like I'm being lifted and then was staring at the moving ground. 


My eyes widened, my hands came in contact with hard back muscles, my vision went to the sexy ass of the culprit and how tight it looked in those jeans. I felt hands tightened on my waist and that's when I started to panic. "P-put m-me down" I tried to sound firm but failed badly. "No, I don't think I will. It seems to me that every time we try to talk to you, you always try to escape and that is why I have decided to catch you before you can get away." Cole sounded like he was smirking, while I was frowning and trying to cover my face from the curious on-lookers. At some point Noah was walking next to Cole, acting as if this was the most normal thing to do.

Kidnapping a nerd

I thought that the past few days of fainting and running away from Cole and Noah was bad...well, I would have been wrong.

Walking inside the cafeteria, over Cole's shoulder and kind of next to Noah (since I was being carried) I now know how they feel every day. Every student stopped what they were doing and turned their full attentions to us, never have I ever experienced so much attention in all my life.

I need to escape! NOW!

Cole led us to the popular table; he put me down and forced me to sit on a chair. Their friends and some scary cheerleaders were already there and were staring or glaring at me, Cole sat to my left and Noah, my right. I slouched down as much as I could; hoping I could just disappear. My hands were clammy and my eyes never left my lap, I was so out of place at this table, why would Cole and Noah bring me here? – I mean I don't even know them other than the embarrassing moments I've had.

Noah started up a conversation to deter all the gazes from the newbie, Cole just sat quietly and listened but on occasion, was glancing down at me with a small frown. My eyes were darting around the room, not everyone stopped staring, feeling uncomfortable I looked to Cole who also staring at me "Um, I-I need to go to the bathroom" I whispered and stood up. This caused everyone to stare again, I turned around and was about to take my first step when the sound of heels hitting the floor reached my ears.

Then my vision was blocked by short shorts, low tops, scary eyes and claws.

Clear definition – Kelly Evans

Every girl's nightmare and every boy wet dream. I looked in her eyes for a split second and I was frightened, my eyes darted down and stayed there. Figuring I'd be better off if I wasn't in her line of vision to attack, I turned around and sat back down on my seat. Making myself as small as possible, I prayed not to be noticed but it seems to me that anyone could see that I don't belong here.

Kelly cleared her throat, I didn't move but Noah turned and put on a smile. "Hey Kells, we thought you weren't coming" he sheepishly scratched behind his head, but I could feel the death glare on my head. "Well since I am here, I'm sure you wouldn't mind moving from my spot?" I flinched at her tone, I had enough fear in me to turn around (Not look in the devil's eyes) and talk "I-I was j-just l-leaving" Curse my stutter!

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