Chapter 5

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So 'Secret Admirer Hunting' is harder than it looks for a person like me.

I've realised since the bell rang for lunch that I have to go to the cafeteria. It's the best place to observe a person in their natural habitat's not my kind of place. I mean where would I sit? In that lonely corner at the end of the room?

Actually that's not a bad place, settling on that thought I made my way inside the cafeteria. I always bring food from home so I just made my way to the back table; it felt so weird being here. The last time I stepped a foot here was about four weeks ago and that's not my longest record.

Uncomfortably I sat down on a chair, brought out a book and my lunch from my bag. I looked like I was reading my book but instead I was peering over it and gazing at the students who started to enter the room. I knew most of the students but none knew me and the only reason I know them is because I watched them in the past.

For example, a cute couple walked in, the guy was Mark and the girl was Tori. Tori's hopelessly in love with Mark, but he is not with her even though he says so. I caught him behind the school with a cheerleader, they didn't notice I was there as I literally walked past them, it makes me wonder – am I really not worth noticing?

My thoughts were interrupted by you know who. No, not Voldemort, but Noah and Cole - oh and don't forget their followers. They took their seats at the center of the cafeteria, perfect place to be the center of attention. My chin was leaning on my hand that was on the table as I watched them.

Without my permission, my eyes trailed to Noah who was laughing away with his friends. Man, he looks so good today but then again he always does. His blonde tussles fell over his light blue eyes, that flawless skin with two dimples on each cheek when he smiles. It should be illegal to be that good looking; I was so engrossed in his looks that my arm suddenly slipped of the table, my body was dragged as well and the next thing you know I was on the floor with my lunch now on my jumper.

My chair fell as well and made a loud bang, alerting others around me.

Praying no one would pay attention but with my luck, the whole room stopped and looked for the commotion. They all saw me on the floor sporting my messed up clothes, some laughed and others snickered while I immediately got up, grabbed my books and made a B-line towards the exit.

My face was red with embarrassment, as I had to walk past Noah and his group. Bravely I took a peek at Noah and saw that he was staring at me with a confused face but then it brightened in recognition. Damn, now he knows I'm that girl he saved but ran away only to be humiliated in front of everybody the next day.

I suck at first and second impressions. Actually I suck all together!

My eyes trailed away from him and for some reason it landed on Cole who wasn't laughing at me, instead his eyes were intense as he held my gaze. I quickly looked away, I couldn't hold his stare or anyone's for more than 1.5 seconds max.

Rushing out the room, I went to the bathroom to get rid of my lunch that stained my favorite jumper. A couple of minutes of failed attempts, I ended up making it worse by spreading it. I couldn't go out looking like this! I had a tank top under but I'm not confident enough to wear it outside.

I feel exposed and vulnerable...but I had no choice and beside's it was only for one class. I'm sure I could survive that, with that settled I took of my jumper and put it in my bag. Looking in the mirror, I checked out my skinny body, I was so tiny and helpless. I barely had anything in the boob and butt department, I was and still am a late bloomer.

I sighed, at least my tank was long enough to reach my butt, though it does show quite some cleavage and my bare arms, I'm not happy about that. See this is where I need a friend to lend me some help, but if I can survive three years without them then I can survive one hour.

With much determination that I didn't know I had, I walked out the door. I barely heard the bell and that everyone was rushing to their classes, as soon as I stepped into the crowd my insecurity kicked in. I was carrying my books very close to my chest, practically hiding my nonexistent breasts. I stuck to the walls like glue as I made my way to Math's.

I was the last to arrive, standing by the door I didn't know where to sit. Normally I come first and take the front row seat which was made for one unlike the rest which were meant for two, this means for today that I would have to sit next to someone.

Biting my lips I looked at my options, there was a seat in the middle next to a jock (Not gunna happen), another next to a cheerleader who was applying lip gloss as well as other girls, which was weird. And finally there was a spare in the back, I decided on that one.

I was going to move when someone spoke behind me that made me freeze on the spot. "Move." that deep husky voice sent a shiver down my spine; I looked up to see Cole staring down at me. My eyes widened and I bit my lip out of nervousness, Cole's eyes darkened and took a step forward. But before he could even complete that step, my body reacted on its own when I saw him twitch, I was now half way to the seat way in the back.

Since when was Cole in my class? How do I not notice this?

I ignored the guys who were staring at me – I mean my pathetic body. Pulling my books closer I sat down on the desk and pretended to go through it so I wouldn't have to look up at Cole. He just so scary to me, I can never get used to his cold, hard eyes.

I heard him darkly chuckle and with deadly grace of a predator, he made his way through the tables. The cheerleader battered her eyelashes at him, enticing Cole to sit with her but Cole ignored her advances and made his way towards me!

He sat down awfully close to me that I could feel the heat radiating from him. Goosebumps travelled down my arms, I had to move, without knowing it Cole was affecting me and I didn't like it. I shifted closer to the other side of him, as far as possible. Cole chuckled again, as he noticed the distance I've created but I kept my head down and tried not to panic.

Then Cole did something unexpected, he grabbed the bottom of my chair and dragged me closer than I originally was, our chairs weren't the only things touching because Cole pulled me so close that our whole arm were touching.

Oh Lord, someone help me

I didn't move an inch when he did this and stayed completely still when I felt him lean closer. His hot breath tickled my neck as he made his way to my ear "I don't have a disease you know" my back was stiff and straight, my lips wobbled and my eyes widened.

This would have been the closest I've been, well, to anyone that's not my parents. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when everything suddenly went black.

Fainting in the presence of The Cole Blackburn isn't something to be ashamed of...right?...RIGHT?!




man that's gotta be embarrassing,  *wipes away a tear*





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