Chapter 13

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The bell rang for lunch, saving Noah from the torment from Cole and I were silently giving him. Noah stood up quickly (Without pulling me up sadly) and then nervously rocked on his heels before speaking. "I-Uh, gotta go pee!" we didn't have time to say anything before he was off faster than a bullet.

Blinking twice, I turned my gaze to a still brooding Cole who was still glaring at the door Noah ran through.

I haven't confessed this yet but I'm kind of scared of Cole. I mean he's a bad boy, and we all know what happens to good girls who go out with them.

"Good girls go bad because bad boys don't treat them right"

Ok maybe I'm just basing this on movies or that quote I saw on the internet, but still! Cole scares me and I'm quite surprised that I've lasted this long with him. He and I will not get along and that's why I prefer Noah because he's sweet and the perfect boy for a quiet girl like me.  

Cole sighed and turned his head to see me staring at him. As soon as his eyes hit mine, my gaze went to my lap. See! I can even hold eye contact with him. Cole and I are not meant to be.

Cole cleared his throat, stood up "Come on" He startled me by gently taking my hand and pulled me up. Now I didn't expect this to happen, well I did, but hoping that it would've been Noah but no, instead it happened with Cole.

This must be a sign...pfft yeah right!

Cole pulled me up, he added too much force which resulted me in stumbling into his chest. Gasping, my hands laid on his chest as Cole quickly wrapped his arms around my waist to steady me. His breath fanned my face causing my heart to beat against my chest, my palms began to sweat as I unconsciously griped Cole's leather jacket.

"Mia..." I shivered at the sound of his deep, husky voice, my eyes glided up his broad chest to his neck, jawline but then stopped at his lips. Unconsciously licking my dry lips, Cole tightened his arms pulling me closer than I thought possible. My lips parted as I dragged my eyes up to meet Cole's darkened eyes.

That one look caused my body to burn, I took in a sharp breath as Cole leaned closer. I didn't even realize that I too was leaning forward, my body reacted on its own and I couldn't stop it. I knew that deep down... I actually wanted this.

His lips brushed against mine and my whole body lit up. This is it, my very first kiss goes to Cole Blackburn – The bad boy!

"Cole baby!"

Or not....

I whipped to the side to see Kelly in all her glory. Her short black skirt paired with a tight top to show off her boobs, which I can assure you are taunting me, since mine are practically none existent.

The piercing glare on her face was enough to make me step away from Cole. My whole face was flushed not only from embarrassment but also the almost kiss. "What the hell do you want?" Cole growled maliciously, it made me flinch because this was the real Cole.

Cold, dark and dangerous.

I forgot all that for that split second when he was going to kiss me, but shyly looking up at him now, his whole body was tense, his fists clenched as he stared icily at a nervous Kelly. How could I forget? My fear of him came out as I took a nervous step back.

Cole saw this and snapped his fierce gaze to me, making me whimper and take another step back. Cowering, my breath became shallow as I looked to the door for my escape.  

"Oh, I came looking for you." Kelly ignored his silent warning and took this time to take a step forward to a still furious Cole, she treaded on thin ice as she moved closer. "Maybe we can go somewhere...private" she purred and brushed Cole's arm.  

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