chapter 14

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"Mmm Alex" I purred while gently stroking my cats' fur; he always had such soft hair. I whined when he moved, but settled back when I felt his warmth on my body and his legs wrapped around mine...and his arms wrapped around my waist....?

Ok something's off here...

I pried my eyes opened, completely confused at the sight of my surroundings. But nothing could compare to the person holding me, who by the way is completely awake and is staring at me with a hard expression.

Cole's stare was cold and expressionless; we just stared at each other wondering who was going to speak first. Damn, well wasn't going to be me, that's for sure!

I waited, but nothing came out of his kissable lips, Ugh curse these dirty thoughts! Just why is Cole so good looking?! It makes it hard for me to think straight.

Clearing my throat, I thought I might as well break the tension "So..." Yeah...I've never been good with these situations. "Who's Alex?" Cole voice was void of all emotion as he spoke; my mind went to my cat probably waiting for me at home. He's so sweet I thought and let out a dreamy sigh.

Arms tightened around my waist and that's when I came back to see Cole staring at me intently, waiting for my response. "He's my friend...that stays with me at home...?" I made it sound like a question and a vague response but I was curious as to why Cole would seem so interested with Alex. Maybe he wants to meet him?

Cole's face went blank but he's eyes were dark, almost black as he suddenly got off the couch and stood tall in front of me. Cole crossed his large arms and looked down at me, making me gulp "What is he to you?"

I was slightly intimidated by him but since I'm in the library where I can be myself...

Standing up as well, I puffed out my chest while placing my hands on my hips. Staring defiantly at him. Cole raised an amused eyebrow, his lips twitched but he held it in as I strained my neck to look up at him. I was about to speak when I suddenly growled in annoyance and then turned around, got on the couch and twisted to face and now smirking Cole.

Resuming my originally position (but this time on the couch), I was roughly about an inch taller so now I was staring down at him.

So Ha! Suck on that Cole! Who's the tiny one now!

"What's it to you?!" sticking my chin in the air I waited for his reply. Chuckling, Cole stepped forward so there was no space between us. I kind of stepped a teeny tiny step back, well, as much as the couch would let me but Cole was having none of that. Clamping his hands on my hips, Cole tugged me forward until I had no choice but to place my hand on his shoulders to steady myself and to not let Cole pull me anymore.

Who knows were that will lead if I let it happen?

Cole leaned forward and placed his forehead on mine. He stared in my eyes, as he spoke "Don't play with me Mia." his voice was husky and deep. My breathing hitched as I struggled to form a proper sentence.

"He, Uh...I" blabbering like a fool, everything in my body was going in overload. Cole smirked and cockily whispered "Am I making you nervous Mia?" I gave no response. I couldn't, not when Cole ever so slowly he glided his hands up my sides, all the while not taking his eyes off mine.

My breath turned shallow, my eyes slightly closing as I held in a moan when Cole rubbed slow circles on my bare skin.

Cole smirked but it looked strained. His eyes kept darting to my lips, my response was to lick them since it suddenly got dry. Cole silently cursed and looked away, he then swiftly backed off and turned his back to me. His posture was tense as we tried to regain our composure. I knew I wasn't the only one effected because I saw the darkened look in his eyes, so you can kind of say that I was a wee bit smug as well.

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