Chapter 1

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“Mia Snyder?” my English teacher called out, his eyes swept around the room. I slowly raised my hand and peeked through my thick glasses. “Here” it was barely above whisper but it was the best I could do.

Besides, I was right in front of him, I’m sure he could see me.

“Guess she’s not here.” the teacher muttered to himself and then proceeded to cross my name of. My eyes widened and I was about to speak but then the teacher began his lesson so I kept my mouth shut.

Um, I guess I’ll tell him after class then…

I silently paid attention, taking all the notes on the board. The teacher asked a question, I knew all the answers but I was too shy to answer. I hate being in the spotlight, I would get nervous and flustered, my mind would go blank and I would end up stuttering like a babbling fool.

I learned a long time ago to just keep quiet, it’s better that way.

English class finished, ever so slowly I packed my books in my bag. The other student already left, leaving me and the teacher. Walking up to his desk, my head bent low and eyes down casted I tried to capture his attention.

“Sir” it sounded like a squeak, so I cleared my throat and started again, a little bit louder this time. “Sir” ok that just sounded like another squeak, but just louder. At least it got the teacher’s attention “Oh Mia, I didn’t see you there.” he jumped a little, “Here, these are the notes from today-” he then started to gather some sheets that he already gave me.

“N-no, w-wait sir” I placed my hand out to tell him to stop but he just put the sheets in my hand instead. “Now these are for homework, I’m sure if you go over these notes, you will be able to do them.” He smiled at me and then waved me off.

My mouth was opened throughout the whole time, but nothing came out so I just nodded and left the classroom with a cross on my attendance.

That’s never happened before.

Okay I lied; it’s happened many times because I could never speak up in front of the class and say that I was here. I just couldn’t do it; I guess I’ll be telling my mum again to clear up another misunderstanding. I sighed and began walking to the library, since it was lunch time, the only place a nerdy outsider like me can go…is the library.

I kept my head down and avoided all students who were walking the opposite way towards the cafeteria. Abruptly stopping in my tracks, I quickly hid behind a corner to let the high school heartthrobs bypass.

Noah Chapman and Cole Blackburn…

Those guys are the most popular students in this school, who knows maybe even surrounding schools. Girls worship the floor they walk, every single one of them wants to be their girlfriends. The guys hope to be their friends just to get into some of their parties or be the rebound guy to the girls that they dumped.

Flattening myself against the corner, I let pass half the school’s students who followed behind them like lost puppies. It’s move or be moved, I’d rather step aside then be pushed over and stepped on, I learned that from experience.

If you haven’t figured it by now, they are obviously players with their sinfully good looks but each with a different persona. It makes you wonder how they even became best friends since they were complete opposites.

Noah is the golden boy, typical blonde hair with blue eyes. Definitely has the right kind of charm to woo any female, old, young you name it. And some saw that he even can woo guys but he’s straight much to the disappointment of the gays. He’s more outgoing and friendly then Cole, but does have that inner dark side if you push him too far.

Cole is the bad boy, black hair with grey eyes. Both were big built but you could see that Cole works out more since he does get into a lot of fights, but Noah is always there to back him up if needed. Cole is more of a silent type most of the time but when he talks and put on his own kind of charm, by God I swear all the girls moan at the sound.

Me included, but I know my limits unlike those desperate girls trailing behind them. All wearing something too short or too low but there are some ambitious nerds who are trying to grab their attentions. I guess they think they have a chance ever since Noah decided to talk to one of the nerds in his class, then suddenly all nerd thought they had a chance.

Not I though, because I know someone like me would never get any guy close to Noah or Cole. My pathetic brown hair always stuck in a bun and dull brown eyes that could bore a person to sleep. My body covered with layers upon layers of baggy clothes because I don’t like to show anything.

 Yeah…a girl like me will never get a guy like them and so, I turned on my heels and went the long way to the library, ignoring that itching sensation that feels like someone’s watching me…


so this is my new story *nervously laughs, and shyly rocks on my heels*

hope you guys like it :) 

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