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23 of May 2012

It can’t be…no, this-this is yesterday!

I shot up from my seat, my mouth dropped opened and my eyes widened, I’m completely shocked. “T-this would mean…” that this person is still writing the book! It’s not finished!

I started to have a mini heart attack; I fanned my hot face and jumped up and down. “OMG! I can’t believe it; someone still comes to write something in the book!” I whispered to myself, still in a state of shock and then suddenly I heard the door knob rattle, I snapped my head towards the door.

Could it be...?

Could the person be coming to collect the book?

Will I finally meet this secret admirer?


kekekkeke *sighs* gotta love cliff hangers, except when you're reading it and doesn't know what's gunna happen WHICH IS YOU WHOEVER IS READING THIS HAHAHA!!!!

man i am soooo mean MWHAHAHAHAHAH!!! 

laters *salutes, while running for my life and evilly laughing at the angry fans behind me*

"Hey! watch where you throw that knife! people can get hurt you know kekeke" *quickly gets in a get away car and drives off* 

 "Oh no you don't" *mum grabs me out of the car and drags me by the ear to my room*

"You are grounded missy, i will have no daughter of mine bully others. Now stay there and think about what you did" *mum shuts the door and i groan* 


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