Chapter 22

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"Sweety, will you be ok at home alone?" mum asked with concern. I nodded and then pulled the covers up to my neck and turned my body away from her. I heard her sigh as she closed my door softly.

It's been three days since the incident. And all this time I've been at home, avoiding school like the coward I am and always will be.

I couldn't face anyone. How could I?

I bet Kelly already spread rumors about how they played the schools gullible nerd! Noah and Cole must be having a laugh right about now.

Behind me, my phone rang. I bit my lip to hold in my tears, I knew who was calling. I ignored all their calls, texts and visits. I bet they just want to rub it in my face.

Sniffing, I cuddled closer to my teddy.

"Meow!" Alex came up next to me and curled up near my tummy. He looked at me with his big green eyes. "Oh Alex!" I sat up and picked him up, bringing him closer to my chest. Pressing my face to his fur, I continued to ignore my phone, until I couldn't take it anymore.

I put Alex down next to me and reached for my phone. Wiping away the tears, I stared at the caller's name.

Cole's name lit up.

"Stop calling me!" I screamed.

Out of pure fury, I pulled my hands back and sent the phone flying through the air. It hit the wall with a loud bang!

The phone collapsed to the floor, broken into pieces.

My chest rose and fell as I released my anger. Defeat started to settle in and soon I was back in my little blanket cocoon, crying over the one person who hurt me the most.

I couldn't believe I fell in love with Cole!

I realized that I did like Noah, but not as I thought I did. I like Noah as a friend, or a brother but not as a lover...unlike Cole who showed me a different side to him. It wasn't Kelly who showed me how to be confident, it was Cole all along.

Without even trying, I felt brave and fearless with him around. Just his presence was enough to make me feel secure and safe. To me, Cole changed in front of my eyes as once being the person I used to fear and now love.

I just wish he and Noah didn't play me. I wish we were really friends.

But how could I forget the one rule.

A girl like me, will NEVER get a guy like Cole or be friends with Noah.

So why bother trying?


Ducking behind the corner, I breathed in and exhaled. That was a close call, Noah almost spotted me but thankfully I know where to go to become undetected. Pushing my glasses up my nose, I started to walk.

I guess the old Mia was back, but of course, worse than before.

I went back to my old clothes and personality but now I just avoid everyone, even the teachers. Whenever someone talks to me, I always keep my eyes down and mumble small, one-worded replies.

What the guys and Kelly did, destroyed me.

There's only one thing I'm looking forward to and that's leaving this and going to college.

Pulling my books close to my chest, I made my way to the girl's bathroom. It was lunch time, sadly I couldn't go to the library because I knew Noah would be there waiting for me. I mean, it was my sanctuary where I could be myself, but now...I don't think that can even help me.

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