Chapter 4

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The guy let me go and immediately I ran behind Noah. I stood quietly behind him and watched as the Noah's friends gathered behind him but surrounded me, I didn't notice this but Cole was standing right next to Noah, blocking my view of the guy. He looked over his shoulder and gave me a cold glare but slightly softened when he saw my face, then suddenly as if he never dropped the glare, Cole turned his attention to the culprit.

I never saw Cole so tensed and ready to fight as he is now but then again I always walk the other way when this sort of situations arise.

Being caught in a standoff that could easily spark into a wild fight...was not fun.

I couldn't take it, this wasn't my scene and I did what I always do...

Slowly making my way backwards, I avoided both Noah and Cole's friends as I ended up behind the group. Then without another thought...I made a run for it.

I had to take the long route around the park towards my house, but I wasn't going to stay in that park any longer than I needed. Breathlessly I got to my house, I was so tired from the run and if it wasn't for the adrenalin in my body, I wouldn't have made it home, instead would have collapsed on the pathway for little kids to point and laugh at.

I opened the door and literally dragged myself to my room where I collapsed on my bed next to Alex. "Never-" I took a deep breath "-will I take another step towards that park" I let out my breath and patted Alex's head. I flipped over and stared at the ceiling, I don't want to know what would have happen if Noah didn't come and save me.

But he did!

Here I am safe and sound, I dreamily sighed, "Noah" I giggled like the girly girl I was. He rescued me just like how it is in books; he was the prince and I, the damsel in distress. Not what I wanted to be in a book but if Noah is my prince then I have no compliant.

For the rest of the day, I was acting like a love sick fool, forgetting the fact that I almost got violated. At dinner, I was grinning and dreaming about Noah. It continued on until I was dressed for bed and curled up with Alex under the covers.

I was starting to fall asleep with Noah on my mind when I suddenly gasped and sat up "I never said thank you!" I just ran away, I groaned and slumped on my pillows. "He probably thinks I'm a freak now, I mean who runs away from your rescuer, right Alex" I spoke to him but he was fast asleep. I pouted and stroked his fur, guess I'm just going to have to tell him tomorrow.

With that thought in mind, I fell into a peaceful sleep, despite today's events.


I woke up extra early and went to school, because in the morning, I was going to go and say thanks to Noah but then remembered that I don't know how to talk or act in front of people and so I came up with another plan, which I am now doing. I was walking towards Noah's locker with a note in my hand.

Yeah, that's the best I could do. A simple thank you note with the words:

Thank you for rescuing me


I'm really disappointed in myself at how low my self-esteem is. But nevertheless, I slipped the paper in his locker and walked to the library. It was very early and I thought reading a book will occupy my time until school starts.

Teachers arrive at school before students, so the librarian was there to let me in. Going to my favorite spot in the back, I dumped my bag and headed to the place where the journal was. Bring it back to the couch, I got comfy and continued where I stopped before.

17 of April 2012

Here I am again.

So it turns out that I was supposed to continue on writing until I either finish the book or confess to my girl. My friend threatened me if I stopped writing; I swear he is having fun with this.

That bastard!

I have to write at least one girly comment or else I must write the whole page, I'd rather write a stupid comment than waste my time writing crap on a page.

So here it is:

I'm not sure why or even how, but I couldn't help but fall in love with her

Damn, I sound gay

This guy sure has a sense of humor, by the end of the entry I was grinning like an idiot. I couldn't help it, whoever this girl is must be lucky to have a guy like him. She probably won't have any boring moments with him.

I turned the page and read the next one; I can easily tell that I've become addicted to this book; I know it's not a real book but this is in my top 5 favorite books.


26 of April 2012

I was able to keep my friend busy enough for him to forget about this stupid book, but then he caught his little sister writing in her diary and then remembered about me.

I was pissed; I should've burnt the book while I had the chance. I told my best friend that I'm not doing this anymore and walked away.

Bad idea

Next day at school, he reveals an embarrassing video on the net and promised to continue if I stop writing. After a brawl I gave up and continued writing, hence why I am here. I have decided from now on that I will just write one 'romantic' comment and stop.

That's all you're getting out of me. So here's today's:

Ever since I noticed her, everything I see and do reminds me of her....and it ruins my day.

I let out a laugh; he's not the affectionate type.

How cute.

I decided to save the rest for later and put the book back. I had a few minutes before it was time to leave and so I thought about this person. Maybe I could figure out who it is, I may not be social but I'm definitely observant.

Over the years I can read people's behavior very well, I picked up a lot when I watch people. So I know a lot about a person, it may sound stalker-ish but when you have no friends and can't go to the library, you find ways to entertain yourself.

With this skill, I can hopefully find the person; I'll first find the guy and then see which girl he pays extra attention to. It's a perfect plan, this is all for my amusement to get by my boring days in school.

Smirking, I got up and picked up my bag.

The bell rang as I headed to the door, pushing it open I said to myself...

"Let the hunt begin"



My cat says hi...SO SAY HI BACK!!!!

nah i'm kidding, i'm kidding...OR AM I!!!

ok i'll stop....I LIED!!!


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