The real Chapter 20

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Ok i lied again... this is really just another sneak peek and author's note


But i really need to say something....

i lied again...uh again.

ok so i lied twice, this is really the chapter is you keep scrolling down.

i just wanted to make you groan in annoyance or throw your cat or whatever pet you have at your brother or sister and if i did that than YES!! MY LIFE IS FULFILLED!! and i had a good laugh coz i'm evil and mean! 

anyway...please continue reading :D

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"OMG are you serious?! You did that for me!" Kelly screamed and I nodded. We were heading towards the field because Kelly had cheerleading practice and she asked me if I wanted to watch. I, of course, agreed since I have nothing better to do.

Or maybe I should just go home and take a I'm already here and Kelly was my ride home anyway.

The cheer squad was already there stretching. "Aw thank you Mia!" Kelly turned and hugged me. "You're such a good friend." I smiled and thanked her. She told me to go sit by the bleachers, so I did.

For the next hour, I watched the cheerleaders practice their routine but then my eyes wondered to the field where I saw Noah playing football. I slapped my forehead when I realised that Noah is the quarterback and would probably be practicing today.

How stupid can I get?

I don't want to talk to any of the guys, until they accepted Kelly. From the field, I pretended to not notice Noah staring at me. Biting my nails, I waited impatiently for Kelly. Hopefully she will finish in time before he comes and tries to talk to me. From the ground, I could hear Kelly tell them that today was enough and that they could leave.

Sighing in relief, I was about to make my way to them when I saw them come up the bleachers towards me. I held in a groan, while I sat back in my seat.

Kelly sat next to me on my right and Lauran on my left, followed by Molly sitting next to Lauran.

"So who are we eye raping?"

My head snapped to Kelly, and involuntary my cheeks began to redden. "N-no one!" I stuttered but Kelly wasn't buying it as she smirked coyly and scanned the field. I prayed so hard for her to pass by Noah or forget that I told her I liked him in the car but immediately she locked on him.

"Oh I see, your crush is practicing." I silently groaned, "And even better he's shirtless" Kelly wiggled her perfect eyebrows and licked her lips. The girls giggled but I hid my face in my hands.

Suddenly Kelly gasped, turning me head to her I could practically see the light bulb above her head light up.

Oh no...

"I got it!" she snapped her fingers, "Why don't you just confess to Noah and ask him out!" she said so casually, like it wasn't a big deal.

I immediately shook my head, "No! I can't do that"

"Why not?" Kelly asked but I stayed quiet. How could I answer that, I mean I wanted to date Noah but for some reason it felt weird and besides, I'm not confident enough to go that far and ask a guy out!

I'm still shy in that department.

"Don't be such a loser Mia, go ask the guy out. It's not that hard" Kelly was getting annoyed and I flinched at her tone. Lauran and Molly backed her up.

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