Chapter 6

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I moaned in my pillow and pulled the blankets closer, I felt so warm that I let out a content sigh. Then I reached out and patted the space that normally Alex slept, when I felt nothing, without opening my eyes I murmured "Alex?" I didn't hear him meow so I forced my eyes to open. When my eyes adjusted to the brightness, I took in my surroundings. When I saw a desk that I knew wasn't mine, I shot up and looked around.

It seems to me that I'm in the nurse's room, at school...wait, why would I be here?

My brows furrowed in confusion as I patted down my hair that seemed to have got out of the bun. Peering to the desk I put on my glasses and tied my hair back into a bun, "You should let your hair down more and get some contacts" I gasped-squealed at the sound, snapping my head in that direction, my eyes connected with Cole's. Immediately my eyes dropped to my lap and my mouth went dry, Cole looked so casual sitting in the chair next to me, how could I have not seen him?

Fiddling with the blanket, I tried to utter even a sound but I couldn't. I just wanted to know why I'm here, is it so hard for me to ask such a simple question!

Thankfully Cole understood what I wanted to say, though when I got the answer...I wish I never even thought of that question.

"You know-"God he doesn't even have to try to make my heart beat that fast, damn his sexy voice! "-I've had girls faint in front of me before" my eyes snapped to his, oh please no..."-but I never had one that fainted the moment I touched her" is it possible for your whole body to turn red? Because I sure feel like I am on fire.

How embarrassing am I?!

I was so mortified that I couldn't even have him see me, I couldn't face that smug smirk on his face, so I  quickly pulled the covers over my head and just stayed curled up under the blankets. My hands covered my red face as I heard his deep laughter echo through the room, I heard him get up and walk closer to me and then I felt the bed fall.

Why me?

Cole sat on the bed, I didn't know what he was doing but then I felt some pressure on my arm. Cole's hands glided down my arm, sending a violent shiver through my body and the thing is...he was barely even touching me!

I squirmed and wiggled when he traced back up my arm, all the while Cole was enjoying my torment as I could hear his dark chuckles. "Well..." he suddenly got up and I let out the breath I was holding "I guess I should be glad that you fainted, since I carried you here I got to ditch class. So later" I peeked through the blankets at him, just in time to see Cole walk out the door.

After a few minutes of knowing he isn't going to come back, I pulled the covers off me and sat up. I was still blushing but then I remembered his last sentence 'since I carried you' I swear I'm glowing red, "This is not happening" I muttered in my hands and shook my head.

"What's not happening?" not my voice.

Painfully slow I pulled my hands away from my face only to come face to face with none other than...Noah. Meeting the high school heartthrobs in matter of 5 minutes would be every girls dream...but not mine, for me, this is a nightmare - an embarrassing nightmare.

Letting out a surprised scream, I backed myself against the wall as far from Noah who was grinning. My hand was on my chest trying to control my heart beat; if this doesn't stop then I'm going to have a heart attack! "Guess Cole was right; you're like a scared little kitten" Noah reached out to pat my head while I just let him do it, it's not every day I get a guy that I like touch me – WAIT A MINUTE!

I like...NOAH!!

I gasped at my revelation, since when did I have a crush on him? I never had a crush on either of them before, so why now...?

A flashback of the time Noah saved me came through my mind and then another of me drawing little hearts with mine and Noah's name in the back of my book. Another wave of embarrassment went through me, "Hey you okay?" Noah asked concerned, I didn't realize he was moving close until he touched my forehead to check my temperature.

I couldn't do this anymore!

Going through Cole was already pushing my limit with being around people but now Noah...I had to get out of here!

I ripped the covers of me and got of the bed opposite of Noah, "Hey I don't think you should get out of be-" but I ignored him, rounding the bed I quickly put on my shoes and practically ran out the door. "Hey man where ar-" I almost ran into Cole but thanks to my tiny body, I was able to fit through the little space that wasn't blocked by Cole just as he was about to enter the room.

It was end of school so the halls were empty, I ran about half way, then remembered that this could be the only time I could actually give a proper 'Thank you' to Noah for saving me. With determination and courage rushing through my veins, I flailed my arms and skidded to a stop.

Then I twisted around and ran full force towards Noah and Cole who were both standing outside the nurse's office watching me, but then both took a step back when they saw me running with no sign of stopping.

I didn't know what I was going to do but by the time I figured it out I was already bear hugging Noah. Going against my rule to not look at a person in the eyes, I peered up at Noah's blue ones and uttered the most confident words I've ever spoken "Thank y-you" Um, least I got the 'Thanks' right.

Not waiting for a response, I started running back down the hall. Noah and Cole's shocked faces were ingrained in my head because that was the first time I met them and I already have stunned them into silence with my crazy shyness.

One point for me...Yay...(sarcasm)

I came around the back of the school and just leaned against the wall, catching my breath. Exhaling my last tired breath, I started to make my way to my car which was all the way in the front but hopefully by the time I get there, Noah and Cole will be gone.

But if they are still there, I have my bag filled with homework to complete in the library so I'm okay. My bag was the place where I kept my things because I never liked putting my stuff in my pockets, it just seems uncomfortable. I reached back to pat my trusty backpack, only to feel nothing but air, then again it does feel like I'm not really carrying anything.

I sharply inhaled...I don't have my school bag that has my phone, wallet...and car keys. I whimpered at the last one, I was by the car park and to my absolute horror, walking side by side to their car was Cole and Noah, but being carried in between them...was my bag.

Helplessly I watched them get in the car and drive off...and you know what, I pathetically waved my bag goodbye.

 I was really hoping that this day will be the only day that I had to come in close contact with the rare species of Cole and Noah.

But by the looks of it, tomorrow I will have to face them again...and try not to run away – again.






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