Chapter 10

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The door swung opened and in stepped Cole, who slightly jumped back at the sight of me. "What are you doing here?!" we both asked at the same time. "You first" we did it again, "No you" and again.

Cole found this amusing but I was still cautious, "Ladies first" he said, but I wasn't going to answer first.

"Age before beauty." I retorted, Cole was older than me by a year. I may have jumped a grade when I was young. Cole smirked and crossed his arms over his chest, "Fine, I'll be the bigger man and stop this childish game" my mouth flew open as I glared at him, Cole chuckled "Whatever, I'm not going to say anything and stoop down to your level!" I said with a fierce attitude.

I put a hand on my hip, raised my chin and smirked; Cole's eyes were dancing with amusement, he took a step forward but I didn't back down, I was like a different person right now. Maybe it's because I can be myself in this room. I wasn't scared when Cole took another step; in fact, I also took a step forward which shocked him as I stood right in front of his chest.

"You were saying..." I sweetly smiled and battered my eyelashes at him. God he is so tall, my neck is killing me. Cole leaned down to my eye level, (Thank God) we were face to face and as he spoke his breath fanned my face. "What happened to that shy girl?" he huskily said, eyes slightly dilating.

"That's not the answer I was looking for" I said "But since you asked kind of nicely-" Cole chuckled "-I will answer it anyway. If you haven't noticed already but this is my domain. You may rule the school but this place is mine-" Cole's eyes darkened "-and it's the only place I feel comfortable enough to do what I want. Not you or anyone can stop that" I sounded so confident, why couldn't I do that in the real world?

Life is so cruel.

"Feisty, I'm liking this side of you." Cole stared at me for a few second before he took a step back, creating some much needed distance, any longer and something was going to happen "So why you here?" I asked as I folded my arms. "I asked the librarian for our English book, you know the one we are studying now." He was walking around and checking out the books while talking "She said to look at the back and that someone was there to help me find it, I assume that's you" he stopped what he was doing to look at me. I stared at him and then sighed in defeat.

I can't read the last entry of the journal if he's here, so the sooner I get rid of him the quicker I could read the book. Besides its highly unlikely Cole wrote the journal, he doesn't seem like the type to take time out of his life to write stuff in books, as proven since we are looking for a book that we are almost finished with in class.

"Fine" I huffed and walked to the third shelf; I knew where it was, the problem is, how do I get it down?

I gazed up at the top shelf, and then looked around to step on anything but when I found nothing I was about to call Cole and tell him to get it, when suddenly I was being lifted up. I squealed as Cole set my ass on his shoulder, with frightened eyes l looked down at him. "What?" he gave me an innocent look, but I knew damn well he was far from innocent. "Why am I up here?" I gripped his hand that was holding my hip in place; my other hand didn't have anywhere to go, so I just gripped Cole's hair as punishment.

Cole winced "Well, we are both too short-"I snorted "-to reach the book so I thought that this would be easier instead of finding a chair or something." I glowered down at him, "Your logic is stupid" I scoffed at him. I pretty much figured out he wouldn't let me down until I got the book, even though all he had to do was stretch to get it himself.

Forgetting that I'm sitting on Cole's shoulder, I turned and grabbed the book, then without warning Cole started to walk to the couch. I almost fell if he wasn't there holding me. I hit the book on his head "A little warning next time!" I hissed at him.

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