Chapter 19

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Before entering the school I got a text from both the guys saying they will meet me at the cafeteria. I replied 'ok' to both of them. I made it just in time to reach the school. Together, the girls and I got out of the car.

Everyone was staring at us but ever since I hung out with Kelly, she gave me some tips on how to seem more confident. She said that it's all in your body language, so recalling her instructions, I straightened my back, lifted my head and began walking next to Kelly and her gang.

Kelly looked at me and gave a nod of approval. Grinning, I followed her to the entrance and when we entered, all heads turned our way. It was like a scene in a movie, people moved out of our way, guys checking us out and even wolf whistling.

I tried to calm myself at all this attention, but then again I was kind of used to it since I spent most of my time with the schools heartthrobs. Which reminds me I haven't told the guys about me hanging out with Kelly.

I thought I should tell them in person, instead of texting them it.

We made it to class where I sat next to Kelly like I have been for the whole week now. I was used to the guys eyeing me but I paid no attention to them. I've learnt from Kelly that if you ignore a guy, they will most likely find you hard to get, which turns out to be a good thing as I found out.

Once class ended, I was to meet up with Cole and Noah at our table at the cafeteria, yes they converted my lonely table (that I go to every blue moon) in the back of the room into our own personal table that no one uses but us.

I was actually thrilled to tell the guys that I made a new friend, so I brought only Kelly to our table. I didn't know how they would react to all of the girls so I just decided to bring Kelly first.

Hopefully she will become our new member of the group, coz we all know I really need a girl as a friend.

We walked side by side to the cafeteria, once entering it we got our food and walked to the back of the room. I could see Cole and Noah already there, theirs eyes turned my way. I could see Noah grinning and Cole checking me out, they were smiling but as soon as their gaze landed on Kelly, they immediately stiffened and frowned.

I mentally sighed, guess I have to tell them that Kelly is good now. But by the looks on their faces, it's going to be hard to convince them though...

"Hey guys, you remember Kelly" I spoke confidently and sat down across from them. Kelly followed my lead and sat next to me, "Hey boys" she smirked at them. Cole tensed and Noah silently groaned. Cole looked at me and said rather harshly, "Why is she here?!"

"She's my new friend" I replied and took a bite out of my pizza.

Hmmm, yummy.

"No, she's not Mia! She's not welcomed here!" Noah growled and then glared at an innocent looking Kelly.

"Noah! Don't be mean." I scolded him at how rude he's being to her. I thought he was the gentlemen type.

I mean that's what I like about Noah.

"Its ok Mia, I understand where the guys are coming from. I know I may have been kind of harsh on Mia before-" Both guys snorted, but Kelly ignored them "But I'm trying to be nice here, I've realised at the party that good friends are hard to come by. Mia was the only one there for me." Kelly sighed "All I want is a true friend, but by the looks it, I'm not wanted here. Guess I'll just leave then."

And with that Kelly picked up her tray and left before I could even stop her.

My jaw dropped as I watched her leave, then my head snapped to the guys who flinched at my glare. I don't know what happened but my anger spiked as I snapped at them, "What's wrong with you guys?! You're making me lose a friend!"

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