Chapter 15

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"I can't believe you guys left me?! I mean, I felt so alone there." Noah whined as we made our way to the car. Cole and I rolled our eyes, "You'll get over it" Cole said.

"Yeah what he said" I agreed with Cole and playfully punched Noah. They both snapped their heads to me in shock, it took me awhile to figure out why they were staring at me and soon I realised that I didn't act shy at that moment. Though now since they are looking at me, I couldn't control the blush coming upon my cheeks as well as my eyes falling to the ground.

"Sorry" I mumbled shyly and kept my gaze off them. Fiddling with the hem of my shirt I waited for them to say I'm weird and that they don't want to be friends anymore.

"What! Its fine Mia, I'm proud that you're finally coming out of your shell" peering through my lashes at Noah, I saw him grin and placed his arm on my shoulder, pulling my closer. Blushing harder, I tried not to lean in and get a whiff of Noah's smell.

Next to me, I didn't noticed a silently fuming Cole until he walked ahead with a stiff posture. "What's wrong with him?" I asked Noah without taking my eyes off Cole. Noah sighed "He's just being an idiot" he shook his head disappointingly and I frowned in confusion.


The weekend came along and like always I thought that I would be spending it alone. My parents went with their friends to play a game of couple tennis. Though I'm a bit worried since both sides are very competitive, I mean last time they played a sport, my dad came home with a broken nose and my mum with scratched on her arms and face. And you know what they said when I asked them what happened...

"It was all in good fun"

Uh huh, yeah sure mum

But anyway, here I was petting Alex while watching a movie. The bell suddenly rang at the climax of the movie, I was debating whether to ignore the person behind the door and continue to watch the movie but I had no choice in the matter when the person went to the side and knocked on the window which was facing me.

Noah stuck his face on my window and giddily waved. Silently groaning and cheering (Coz Noah is at my house), I turned off the TV and went to open the door. "Mia!" he opened his arms and pulled me in for a hug. I didn't have time to hug him back when Noah went hyper.

"Ok now go get dressed because we have a lot to do!" he clapped his hands twice and pushed me up the stairs. "Wait, Wh-"Noah kept shoving me until I was in my room, how he knew that was mine I shall never know. "Quick Mia, we don't have all day now!" he grinned down at me.

"But Noah-" I didn't even get to finish the sentence when Noah slammed the door in my face after saying get dressed.

Ok then...

Sighing, I got out of my sweat and put on some random pair of jeans and top, nothing special. Opening the door I went downstairs to see Noah impatiently waiting for me. He tapped his foot and had scowl on his face but lightened up when he saw me coming down the stairs.

I made it to stand in front of him and before I could utter a word, Noah grabbed my hand and pulled me outside. He pushed me in the car, muttered something about mind your head, hopped in the driver's seat and we were off.

"Noah w-where are we g-going?" I stuttered and gripped the seat when Noah just missed a car. He turned his head to me and grinned "Well I figured you don't look like the type to have a party dress"

"Party dr-Eyes forward!" I shouted when he didn't take his eyes of me. Heavily breathing, I tried to control my heart but anyone can tell that I look like I'm about to faint. I think I see why Cole drives instead of Noah.

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