The day he started writing in diary - Uh I mean journal!

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Cole's POV

"You're shitting me right?" I asked incredulously while looking at my best friend who I'm starting to regret being friends with.

"Nope." Noah popped the P. He smirked, "You lost the bet and now you have to do what I say and I say write in that diary all the stuff you want to say to the love of your life." He nodded towards the book sitting right in front of me.

I looked down at it in distaste and then back to Noah who was grinning. "You're an idiot." I snapped at him but he just waved me off.

"At least I didn't lose the bet." He grinned in triumph. I groaned and leaned back on the bed and sighed.

"Besides, if you don't do it I will then I will put the video of you running naked through the neighborhood."

Abruptly I sat up and glared at Noah, "You said you wouldn't film it!!" I growled at him.

Noah shrugged, "I lied."

I grunted and charged at Noah. He yelped when I tackled him to the ground. We wrestled until I finally got him in a headlock. Noah was choking but I knew he was faking it so I would loosen up.

"There's no way I'm having a damn journal!" I growled at him and rubbed my knuckle on his head.

Noah put one hand on his head to block my hand while he tried to tug my arm off with the other. Noah gasped, "Time out! Time out!" he did the T sign and I let him go. I took a step away from him and watched as he gathered his breath.

Noah stood up and grinned but I just kept glaring at him. "Yh well, you don't have a choice. This one sided relationship is unhealthy and that is why your BFF has come up with the awesome idea for you to write down all your emotions as it's bad to keep all you feelings locked inside."

I stared blankly at Noah and then...

I punched him in the stomach.

Not even bothering to check on him, I went to the bed, grabbed the damn book and walked out the room.

"Damn you Noah." I grumbled.


Sitting in my room, I stared at the book in front of me, debating whether I should burn it but then I thought of the video Noah has and sighed.

"I'm so getting him back for this." I promised myself.

I grunted when I saw the front cover. In bright gold words on a white background was the word 'Secret Admirer's Diary'

Shuddering at 'Diary' so I brought out a black marker and scratched it out and write journal instead.

"There much better." I smirked and then quickly frowned.

"I am not getting used to this book" I told myself firmly.

Opening the stupid book, I saw the front page and paused. I thought that I wouldn't have anything to write when my hand grabbed a pen and moved to the middle of the page and wrote,

'In that split second you caught my eye, I was convinced love at first sight was real'

I blinked twice.

The hell? Did I just write that?

Without thinking I looked around my room to make sure no one was here to see this. I let out a relieved breath when I saw no one.

Damn, this girl is turning me into one!

I thought back to the time when I first saw her. It was weird because it was just another ordinary day.

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