Chapter 2

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"Hey Mia" the school's librarian said, I gave her a smile and waved "Hi Mrs. McWilliams" she knew me because of how often I come here. She returned the smile and I went off to my favorite place in the library, it was right at the end behind the back door. Mrs. McWilliams let me use it, since she knew me well enough to keep it clean and wouldn't do anything...illegal.

Stepping inside and closing the door behind me, I smiled and took in a breath. This is where I could relax and be myself, walking forward towards the plush couches, I sat down and brought out the book I was currently reading. Vampire Academy, such an awesome book! I don't know which team to go for, Dimitri or Adrian; these are such hard questions to ask a girl.

20 minutes later I finished reading the last chapter, I was a fast reader so it's really easy to finish a book. But that would mean I would need a lot more books in store, luckily, surrounding me is quite a stack of unread books of all genre. I personally love romance since I have none in the real world.

Stretching, I put my book back in my bag and got up, I still had over 10 minutes left before class so I decided to find a book. Walking behind the couch to the bookshelf, I skimmed through the books spine with my finger.

None of the titles or storylines really captured my attention; I huffed in annoyance and blew my fringe out of my eyes. Biting my lips I tried another shelf, but stopped short when I saw in the corner of my eye, a book on a completely empty shelf.

Carefully walking over, I looked around to see if anyone left it here but then hit my forehead at how stupid I was, no one comes here. Laughing of my idiocy, I tenderly picked up the book and flipped it over. It had a black cover and the title 'A secret Admirer's Diary' in gold, but what I assume is the author, scratched out the 'diary' part and wrote 'journal' under it.

I immediately could tell a guy wrote this, because girls are fine with the word 'diary', but for some reason guys prefer journals instead, probably to make it seem less girly I think.

Letting out a small chuckle, I flipped through the pages starting from the front. The first few pages were blank but then boyish handwriting scribbled across the pages. Whoever wrote this didn't write much, just a few sentences but some did have half a page written.

Curious, I walked with the book in my hand to the couch. Plopping down, I kicked up my feet on the table in front of me and opened to the first page of writing.

In the middle of the page he wrote...

'In that split second you caught my eye, I was convinced love at first sight was real'

"Oh my..." I whispered with a grin on my face, this guy is sure a smooth talker! Skipping the blank pages I came to a stop on the first diary – I mean journal entry, I mentally rolled my eyes. Written on the top of the page was a date...

15 of April 2012

Hey that's this year, now it's the middle of May so it's relatively new. Scrolling down to the writing, his scribbles were messy but still readable.

'Just so we are clear, I didn't want to do anything with this journal. I was forced by my best friend, he thought this would be a good idea and I told him he was an idiot'

I giggled and read on.

'But since I lost a bet, I had to do this. It's true that I did fall in love with a girl at first sight so this is not a joke.


She was this bad habit that I couldn't shake, when I first saw her, the last thing to cross my mind was that I'd get this attracted to her.

Even with these feelings I have, I wouldn't confess because that's just stupid'

I gasped, good God, boys are morons! He could have made a girl happy; I shook my head and shifted into a comfortable position. From what I can tell this guy is arrogant and an idiot.

Oh and an asshole too, not my kind of guy. But...if he did show more of his sweet side, then maybe I would reconsider.

Suddenly, I shook my head to get rid of such thoughts; no guy would go after me. That's just wishful thinking. Ignoring that lonely feeling, I kept reading.

'Since I wouldn't confess or get close to her, my best friend thought I should let out my feelings in this book, because apparently 'it's bad to keep your feelings locked inside' as my best friend put it.

Yeah, I punched him in the gut for that.

Anyway, how do girls end this shit? Well, this is my first and final entry, so whoever is reading this, it's the last you'll hear of me.

---- Out

I couldn't read the last sentence because the first word has been scratched out with a black pen, he obviously didn't want me to see what that word was. Oh well, this definitely wasn't the last entry as he said since there was more, I was tempted to continue reading but then the bell rang. Sighing, I placed the book where I found it, grabbed my bag and walked to my next class.

Tomorrow I would read the rest and who knows; maybe I could even go on a hunt to find out who this mysterious secret admirer is.

Ha! Good one Mia!

That's never going to happen...



Aww wasn't that sweet :D

pity some guys these days don't have time to write such things...sigh

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