Chapter 8

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"What have you done?!" a husky voice whispered-shouted.

"I swear all I asked her is if she wanted to sit with us at lunch. How am I supposed to know she would have fainted?" another deep voice replied and then I suddenly heard someone groan in pain.

"That's for not catching her in time and causing that bump to form on her head."

My eyes fluttered opened to see two dark figures, one was bending over clutching his stomach and the other was standing over him. They both haven't realised I was awake, so I quickly revised a plan of escape in my head.

I think I've had enough embarrassment today, and I don't think I can take anymore.

I searched for my bag and saw it sitting on a chair by the door, yes! Luck was on my side. Now all I have to do is slowly crawl out of bed and quietly make my way to the door where I would then break out into a run, then scramble in my car and drive away.

It's fool proof!

Now to put it into action...

Thankfully Cole and Noah were in another room in front of me, they were both distracting each other so I got out of my bed and crouched down. The nurse's office had two sections, one for the patients which is where I am and the other was her work space, which Cole and Noah were hanging out.

I took a quick look at the watch and as my predictions were correct, it was end of school. Seeing my shoes in front of me, I grabbed them and tip-toed my way to the door. Beads of sweat went down my neck and forehead; I licked my dry lips as I grabbed my bag. Finally! Now just to open the door and then I'm home-free.

I clamped down on the knob and slowly turned; when it couldn't anymore I pulled it opened. I mentally cheered; I was going to make it!

I pulled it more and was about to take a step into freedom when a hand suddenly pushed the door closed. Freezing with my hand still on the handle; my eyes were trained on the hand that was on the door. A shadow cast over me, and soon I felt heat on my back and then a hot breath, breathing down my neck.

I shivered and tightened my hold on the handle, "And where do you think you're going?" my breath caught; eventually I got enough courage to lift my eyes up. I was still holding my breath as I gazed into Cole's eyes...then I couldn't hold it in anymore.

I blew out my breath in Cole's face.

Cole quickly closed his eyes and when I stopped, he opened them and raised an eyebrow. I cowardly shrunk back and moved away from him through the gap under his arm. I kept my eyes on him as I opened my mouth to apologize, I'm sure you can guess, nothing came out other than a squeak.

Cole began to stalk me and I kept walking backwards when suddenly arms came up from behind me and wrapped around my waist. I froze when Noah placed his chin on my shoulder; now I was boxed in between both guys. Cole in front, blocking the door and Noah stopping me from moving and breathing properly.

Another one of the girl dreams, not the breathing part though.

"Stop it Cole, you're scaring her" Noah's voice tickled my ear, Cole's eyes hardened as he looked at our position. His glare made me retreat into Noah's chest; Cole saw this and didn't look very happy. I didn't know why though.

Seeing as it was making him unhappy, for some odd reason I moved away from Noah. I guess part of it so I could breathe properly but the other one, I wasn't sure about. Cole's eyes lightened slightly and he took a step forward, but I just backed away towards the side.

Away from both of them.

"Uh..." I was so uncomfortable, they just stared at me. "I'm going to go now" I lowly whispered and quietly made my way to the door but Cole stepped in my way and crossed his large arms across his chest, without breaking my step, I twisted around and went to stand on my original spot. Noah laughed, Cole smirked and I blushed.

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