Chapter 3

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"Mum, dad, I'm home." I dragged myself through the front door and dropped my bag next to the staircase. I listened for a reply but got none, sighing I was about to walk upstairs when something rubbed against my leg. Peering down, my cat Alexander was purring and looking at me as if to say to pick him up.

So I did and that's when I heard noise coming from the backyard, slowly walking there I pushed the door opened and stepped out.

A little warning to anyone who haven't met my parents (hopefully you never will), you will notice that they act more of a teenager than I do.

It's pretty pathetic if you ask me.

So it doesn't surprise me to see my mum in a one piece bikini, sunbathing, while my dad in shorts, trying to impress my mum on the diving board. He never was good on that thing, but that didn't stop him from trying. It didn't help that my mum was encouraging him.

Sometimes, I think I'm adopted. Sadly, my birth certificate say's otherwise.

My dad jumped in the pool, no tricks, he just jumped in the pool "That's great hunny!" my mum cheered in the background. My dad surfaced and got out of the pool, heading towards my mother...oh no.

For the safety of Alexander's virgin eyes, I covered them; he didn't need to see the beginning of how I was born into this world. I turned my head away and shouted "Guy's I'm home, just so you know" but that fell on deaf ears as always, no one ever listens to me.

I sighed again and walked inside, ignoring the girly giggles and chuckles. Making my way to the front door, I let Alex down and grabbed a jacket, put on my shoes and headed out the door.

Daily walks calm me, not that I'm stressed or anything. I live a pretty boring life actually; compared to everybody else I'm just going through the day with no surprises. The main reason why I have no social life is because my shyness rules me, I have no friends as you can see, because I'm way too timid to try to go up to someone and say hi.

Give me the toughest exam and I will be more confidence to do it than to talk to someone.

I really hate it but I could never get over it, my whole life I've been shy. My baby pictures...I shied away from the camera, my childhood...hid behind my mum's legs, my teenage the library.

Wow, looking back now, that's really...depressing.

I cleared my head of all thoughts and continued on with my walk, coming round the corner was a basketball court and a small playground for little kids but nobody comes here. And it's all because of them...

Hanging around the benches smoking God knows what, was the drug addicts and the delinquents. This place screams trouble, I wasn't really surprised to see Cole there sitting with guys that I don't recognize. He had that bad boy look going on, with his black leather jacket, combat boots and dark shades covering his eyes.

I wonder where Noah is....

Forgetting about him, I was going to turn around and walk back home but the thing is...I didn't stop walking and now, I'm in the middle of the park and just realized that guys are looking at me!

Wide eyed and stiff, I turned on my heels and speed walked to the pathway. My hands were getting clammy and I began to sweat, keeping my head down I rushed and was so close to safety when someone suddenly stepped in front of me. Not having enough time to stop, my head bumped into their chest and I staggered back a few steps.

"S-so-sor-"I couldn't get the word out, my heart was going a mile a minute. My cheeks were glowing red, I was flustered and scared, and so badly wish I was home. There was a deep and deadly rumble in front of me; I kept my eyes down, not once looking at whoever I bumped into.

I tried to bypass him but the guy just blocked my way "Now now girly, no need to leave so early" sweat drops went down my neck as I rubbed my sweaty palms on my pants. "Well aren't you a scared little kitten" he said, my hair was falling out of the bun, the guy reached out to touch it but I flinched back.

I kept my distance from him, thinking quickly, I turned around hoping to find another way out of this but the druggy grabbed my shoulders with a heavy arm and pulled me back to him. My back hit his chest, I whimpered when he and his friends laughed. "Aww the poor kitten wants to get away" he said loudly and his friends laughed again.

"Pl-please l-let me g-go" I whimpered when his hands tightened around my waist. The guy leaned in and brushed his lips against my neck, I tried to pull away but he held firm. My lips were wobbling and tears threatened to fall "Not until we have our fun" he darkly chuckled and that's when I couldn't stop the first tear falling.

 "Let her go." the guy stiffened and I rejoiced, someone was finally going to save me!

I turned my head as much as I could; there he stood to his full height, his friends backing him up if a fight were to break out. But I was positive that he could handle himself against this guy.

I never thought that I would be saved by him, out of all the guys, the school's golden boy came to my rescue.

"Noah" I whispered with a grateful smile on my tear stained face.



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