Chapter 18

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I yawned as I made my way to my class. Last week was the best I've ever had. After I spent the greatest day with Cole, the next day Noah came over to hang out with me. We watched a couple of movies and even had a food fight.

I can't believe I got these two amazing people in my life, I mean I have my crush with me and I have an awesome friend. What else could a girl want?

But I did miss them though, the last couple of days the guys have been extremely busy, which made me lonely. To pass time I spent it at the library, reading some books that I have been neglecting.

I wish they could hurry up though, I'm actually getting bored of reading!

"Mia!" I perked my head up to see Kelly coming my way. I frowned in confusion when Kelly waved with a smile on her face. She finally reached me and completely got me off guard when she hugged me.

Flabbergasted, I pattered her back. When she pulled back, she grinned down at me because she was wearing heels that made her taller. Standing awkwardly, I waited for her to speak first. "Hey Mia, long time no see"

Umm, I saw you like a day ago. You know, that weird moment when you waved at me when you walked past me in the hallway.

"W-what are your d-doing here?" I asked shyly.

Kelly waved her hand dismissively, "We're friends now after I realised that you were a better friend than my other ones. You were the only one who came and helped me when I needed it the most, even though I made your life hell." She looked apologetic for the last part, but I just shrugged.

"And besides, you seem lonely without the boys, so I decided to hang out with you if you don't mind" she said and I immediately nodded. "Yes! I-I wouldn't mind that" I grinned at her and she squealed and pulled me in for another hug that I returned.

I can't believe that Kelly wants to be my friend! I now have a female to talk to!

A grin formed on my face at that thought, "Come on lets go to class" she linked her arm with mine and then started to drag me. I didn't think it would take to help her in a situation to get her to like me but no matter, what does matter is that she's wants to be my friend.

Kelly beamed as we entered the class and tugged me to two empty seats at the back, near all the confused jocks and other glaring cheerleaders. She sat on one seat and looked at me expectantly but I tilted my head in confusion. Kelly rolled her eyes and pointed to the seat next to her.

Oh! She wanted me to sit with her?!  Duh, Mia!

I plopped down on my seat and took a sweep around the room to see everyone staring. I hid my face behind my hair, as I slumped down in my seat, waiting for the teacher to begin the lesson. "Hey!" Kelly whispered, turning my head to her I saw her straighten her posture. "Sit straight Mia, don't let them get to you." she spoke confidently and even glared at those who looked back at me.

Giving her a small smile, I straightened in my seat and I couldn't help but feel a little bit more confident. Maybe having Kelly will help me improve my social skills, I mean she is the head cheerleader, who could be anymore better than her?

I would hope I could finally speak without stuttering or having a nervous breakdown.

Maybe Kelly is the one who can really help me.


Days have pass without the guys sadly, but I have been spending it with Kelly. She was definitely not what I thought but then again so was Noah and Cole when I first met them.

Guess people do change.

We actually hung out at the mall the other day after Kelly convinced (forced) me to come. She actually made me like shopping, and she even improved my wardrobe! I thought today I could try out some of the clothes we bought because she said 'If you want to be confident, you have to feel confident' she even convinced me to buy contacts, so I pretty much ditched my huge glasses.

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