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You have no clue how hard it is to get myself to stop thinking about you, I act, I pretend and I lie but I can’t hide the fact that I still love you.

“Oh Cole, so sweet!” I gushed and flipped to the next page of the journal. Yes I kept it, I had to persuade (wink, wink) Cole to give it to me since he wanted to burn the book. Now I finally have time to read it, because I was mostly busy hanging out with Cole and Noah to have time to read it.

I mean, I do have a graduation to attend to today!

Yep, it’s all over. I was heading to college. The guys and I spend the last remaining high school days to the maximum. They taught me how to have fun, we pulled pranks on each other and went places.

Those will always be some of my favorite memories.

Even though we will be splitting off, by that I really mean Cole and I will be saying goodbye to Noah but not forever, promising each other to catch up. Cole and I were going to college together! I was so excited when he told me the big news.

I’m still trying to understand how Cole ended up as mine. Though Cole has reminded me every day how much he loves me and all. I giggled at that, he was so cute.

Now I lay in my room waiting for Cole to come pick me up for graduation. I had on a beautiful baby blue dress that fell above my knees. It complimented my body as Noah said, yep, he helped me pick it out while his little sister did my make-up.

Yes, I remember Olivia. I will always remember the first time she put on my make-up for the party.

Noah took his sister back to his family so they could go to the graduation, while I waited for Cole who was late. My parents also left, after convincing them to stop taking picture and wait for after the graduation ceremony.

Gosh sometimes they can be so…

Sighing, I tried not to mess with my hair and started to read Cole’s journal out loud.

This may sound cocky but people would be jealous of us if we were together.

Hmmm, ‘Us’ - I like the sound of that

I burst out laughing.

“When will you stop reading that?” I turned my head to see Cole in all his sexy, glory. He was leaning against the doorframe looking at me with a small smirk.

“Never.” I told him and stuck out my tongue. The more I spent with Cole, the more I showed the real me. No more was I the shy little girl who stayed home and just read books. Now with Cole, I was finally living!

And it was all thanks to him.

I was about to close the book when Cole’s voice stopped me, “Aren’t you going to read the last page.” My brows knitted in confusion.

Turning to the very last page I read out loud.


I promise to not go away if you promise to stay with me forever.

I gasped and tried to hold in tears. Cole didn’t need to write a whole paragraph but this sentence was enough for me. I turned to him and rushed into his awaiting arms.

“Forever?” he looked curiously in my watery eyes and I nodded.

“Forever.” I whispered.

Cole grinned, “Good, because I wouldn’t have let you leave anyway.” I playfully slapped his chest and grinned.

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