Chapter 12

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"This is suicide...for me" I told Noah as we discussed ways for me to gain my confidence. This means that I haven't left Noah's house since I arrived here, which would also lead to me becoming very comfortable with them. And as I get to know them, I've realised that everything I knew about them was wrong, okay maybe not everything. For example, Cole's a nerd at heart (like deep, deep, deep down) and plans to be a lawyer when he grows up, God with his looks, he can just seduce the female judges.

Case closed.

For Noah, he kind of has an inner bad side that I have yet to see, but something tells me that my inner good girl will like the bad boy side of him. Cole is too much for me; Noah has that good and bad side of him that's perfect for me.

Man, I gotta get these thoughts out of my head; Noah and I are a big fat No-No. End of my sad, lonely life. Sigh.

"Come on Mia!" Noah whined, also he acts like a complete and utter baby behind the curtains. Sometimes it's annoying and yet cute. Curse his charms!

"Cole tell him that's suicide for me!" So far the idea to gain my confidence is to spend time in Noah and Cole's popular world at school, yeah...that's not gunna happen. I had one glimpse of it and I was scared, it's like a battle ground out there and not to mention Kelly being at the top.

 I looked to Cole for help, but he was just lazily lying on the bed. Now that I look closer, Cole's sleeping...great. Leave me with the baby, rolling my eyes I stood up from my seat by the desk chair and walked up to him. Noah watched curiously and then his whole face lit up "I like the way you think Mia!" he gave me a creepy smile before running out the room.

Huh? I was just going to wake Cole up so he can back me up against Noah. Forgetting about him, I continued on with my plan.

I poked Cole's hard shoulder, bad idea, pulling back quickly I cradled my now broken finger. "Sheesh that's hard" I mumbled, when Cole didn't wake up but I did see his lips twitch. Huffing in annoyance, I decided to do the only thing I could think of that wouldn't hurt me.

I flicked his nose.

Cole's glaring grey eyes snapped opened and I gulped. Okay, maybe not my best idea.

"Uh..." my mouth opened to apologize when Cole's hand suddenly reached out and grabbed mine, he pull me down on the bed and wrapped his arms around my tiny body bringing me close to his chest. I didn't even get to take a breath when this happened; my body was tensed at how close his face was to mine. And ever so slowly, I began to sweat.

Cole closed his eyes and let out a minty breath "Mia" I silently whimpered at the sound of his husky voice, "No one disturbs my sleep and gets away with it, now you have to pay the price" Cole snuggled close while I tried to move back as much as I could.

The door slammed opened, I jumped but Cole didn't even flinch at the sound. In fact, he decided to rub his face in my hair, I felt him breath in and let out a sigh.

...I am so scared right now.

 Turning my head towards Noah as much as I could, I saw him look at my panicked face "Dammit, I'm too late!" he angrily said and placed down a bucket which I assume was filled with water, since it splashed all over the table.

"Uh, Noah" he looked at me, as if this position wasn't out of the ordinary for him "Little help here..." I said with a nervous laugh as Cole's arms tightened enough to hold me close but not to crush me. Noah nodded and came over, he wrapped his arms around my body and said "Ok, on three..."

Once again...not, my best idea...


I tenderly touched the bruise on my waist, wincing at the pain. Those jerks both decided to play tug-of-war with me being the rope, this resulted in me getting hurt. That was the last straw and demanded them to take me home, both furiously apologizing along the way.

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