Chapter 7

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Look what Cole and Noah have done.

Because of them, I now hate walking, despise jogging and loath running.

After three freakin hours I was finally home, I turned the knob and with whatever strength I had left. I was so close to collapsing if it wasn't for my dad there to catch me. "Whoa Kiddo, you look like you ran like the devil was on your heels" I had no energy left to answer him; instead I just gave him a look of sweaty desperation.

My dad took pity on me, he turned around and kneeled. I climbed on his back and my dad took me up the stair and towards my room. Carefully laying me on my bed, he kissed me on my forehead before straightening up and then silently walked out the room and closed the door.

This is one of the moments when I love my parents for knowing what I needed. Don't get me wrong, I will always love them no matter how they act, but at times like these, it just makes you appreciate them more.

I should've took a bath but I was so exhausted, my body was literally numb for pushing myself and so I just succumbed to sleep.

I'll deal with those boys later.


Whoever has my bag, cough it up.

No that sounds weird; I scrunched up the paper and got a new one.

Bring my bag to the library before the bell rings

Man that sounds like a ransom note so I threw that paper away.

So I woke extra early today, got dressed and now was ready to leave after I wrote a note telling the guys to bring my bag to the library before the first bell goes. Although, it's a lot harder to write a note telling a person to give your bag back without it sounding like you stole it.

Then again, they kind of did; they could have just left in the office and I would've retrieved it but no, they had to take it. I just hope they didn't decide to go through it because honestly, I have nothing in my phone or wallet. My phone which is the latest iPhone that my parents bought me, it has about 20 contacts (All family, who I don't talk to) no pictures or videos but it does have some games, like temple run 2. My wallet was the same, just a couple of bucks and a picture of my parents at their moment of being normal.

Even though there is nothing, it's still evading my privacy to go through it. Shaking my head, I wrote a simple note saying:

'Please bring my bag to the front of the library. Thank you.


I made two, so I can put it in both Noah and Cole's lockers. A car honked outside, I grabbed another one of my wallets which was stuffed with money to pay the taxi driver, rushing out the door I jumped in the car and we drove off to my school.

My parents were still asleep and I didn't want to wake them up just to take me to school, because if I can help it, they will stay as far as possible from my school. Anymore embarrassment from them, then I will make them move me to another school.

Arriving at my destination, I paid the driver and made my way to the guys' lockers. Popping the note inside both of them since they were next to each other, I then made my way to the library. I missed my sanctuary filled with drama and adventure that I get to tag along but not hinder the characters. I took a step inside and breathed in that musky smell of untouched books; I was going to go to the back and read the journal when suddenly Mrs. McWilliam stepped in my way, her arms filled with books.

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