A Teddy bear's Note(Jean Havoc)

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Jean's P.O.V

Her body moved fluently, it was completely in tuned with her twin swords; a sharp wind coming from the blades. It was like a beautiful and captive dance the way that she was moving. It was almost near impossible to take your eyes off of her. Eliana was a lieutenant, a wind alchemist; nicknamed wind-cutter. She was strong yet small in size, but deadly at the same time. People always underestimated her because of her small size, but always ended up surprised when actually facing her in combat. I couldn't help smiling as her long brown locks whipped around in the air of her movements, wrapping around her upper frame like a second layer of clothing. "Exquisite" I mumbled. I couldn't get out of the trance that I was put in as I continued to watch her.

"Instead of staring like a creeper, you should go talk to her" a voice said, amused. My body tightened. My eyes tore from Eliana over to Riza. She was smirking at me. I rolled my eyes at her.

"I'm not a creep" I told her, pulling a cigarette from the box and placing it in my mouth. Riza let out a light chuckle. I took my lighter from my pocket and lit up my cigarette; inhaling a rather large puff from the toxic filter. I knew that I should quit, I tried quitting, but I couldn't for some reason. A bad habit that is very hard to kill.

"I'm sure she feels that way as well" Riza mumbles. My eyebrows crunched together in a confused look. Riza motioned her head over at Eliana. I tore my gaze from Riza and back over to Eliana. She stopped her beautiful dance and was staring over at Riza and me through narrowed eyes. My heart was rapidly pounding in my chest. Great, she probably did think that I was a creep. I let out a heavy sigh, smoke pouring out of my mouth as well, engulfing me in a clouded fog. "Why don't you just ask her out?" Riza questioned eyes still on Eliana. Eliana turned around and gathered her things, sheathing her swords and walking away in the process.

"Someone as beautiful as her would never give a normal guy like me a chance" I explained. My eyes saddened at the thought of rejection. Riza shook her head lightly back and forth.

"You never know till you try" she mumbled seriously before turning around and walking off to wherever she came from. I let out another heavy sigh before taking another large puff off of my cigarette. I was too much of a coward to try though. I've always felt an attraction towards Eliana ever since she joined the military, but every time I was near her or tried to speak to her I choked. She made the words that I wanted to say get trapped in my throat, unable to push for a release. But maybe I didn't have to actually say anything; maybe I could try a different approach at things.

"Well never hurts I guess" I mocked before slowly making my way towards the flower shop.

Eliana's P.O.V

I stopped dead in my tracks. A beautiful arrangement of yellow lilies in a vase with a teddy bear holding a card sat in the middle of my desk. I walked over to my desk, set my things on the floor, and took the card from the teddy's grip.

Although they aren't as beautiful as you are,

I tried picking a color that was close to the color of your eyes.

Care to have a drink with me at the tea shop by the library later?

Say 3'oclock?


My heart rapidly pounded in my chest. My palms began to sweat. Jean was asking me out, but why? I didn't even think that he thought of me in that way. My eyes quickly glanced away from the card to the clock on my desk. My heart dropped. I only had 5 minutes to get to the tea shop. I set down the card as gently as I could before quickly gathering my things off the floor and running out of the door. I gave a chorus of apologies at the people that I pushed and shoved out of the way. I didn't want to be late; I didn't want Jean to think that I was standing him up. By the time I reached the tea shop I was only a couple of minutes late.

"I hope he didn't leave" I mumbled. I opened the door, my eyes scanning the room in an attempt to find Jean. But my heart quickly sank. I didn't see him anywhere.

"You must be thirsty" a voice said in amusement. I quickly spun around coming face to face with Jean. He was holding two cups of tea in his hands. And by the smell pouring out of them, it was my favorite kind. My lips curved into a huge smile.

"I'm sorry I'm late. I decided to take a shower after my workout" I told him, taking the cup of tea that he was handing me. Jean smiled at me causing my heart to race more rapidly in my chest than it already was.

"I figured you were going to be a little late with the short notice that I gave you" Jean said. He wrapped his hand behind his head, rubbing his neck nervously. "I didn't really think it through" he chuckled. A bubble of laughter escaped my lips.

"It was short notice, but I don't mind" I told him. Jean's blue eyes began to shine. His eyes were captivating. I could easily get lost in them if I stared into them long enough.

"Well if you would like.. umm" he paused. I could tell that he was nervous. I placed my hand lightly on his forearm, giving him a reassuring squeeze. Jean looked at me, his smile growing. "Would you like to have dinner with me Friday? It gives you more notice than today" He questioned, letting out a nervous chuckle. My cheeks burned. The guy that I had a major crush on was asking me out. I nodded my head yes, unable to trust my voice. The shine in Jean's baby blue eyes brightened, as did his smile. "How about we have a seat and talk about what you want to do Friday then" He questioned, extending his hand out to me. I placed my hand in his, the touch between us electrifying and allowed him to guide me to an empty table. Even if I was dreaming of all of this happening, I didn't want to be woken up. 

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