Right here, Right now(Okita Souji(Hakuouki)

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Looks:Blond Heir:Orange fighting Kimono



Friends:Okita,the others

Wepon:A Sword


Presonailty:Like her Brother's

Story Start:

Rikkas P.O.V

I was sitting around with Heisuke and Chizuru just sitting around talking. Everysince i came here i became close to everyone, but mostly with Okita, I really liked him. I remember the first day i met Okita, Heisuke and Toshizo


"Damnit why cant you leave me alone" I said slashing into one of the Shinsengumi, i was here for one reason because my brother wanted to mate with this Chizuru girl. "I dont see why he's dragged me into this cant he get the girl on his own" i put my sword away and began walking. There was alot of uprising in Kyoto since the the Choushuu clan was planning some sort of attack on the emperor, i didnt really listen to my brother when he explained the whole thing.

"Who are you" I quickly turned around my right hand over my sword ready to draw it if i needed to, i noticed that there were 3 really attractive men, but they also belonged to the Shinsengumi by the look of there outfits.

"Wait your a woman" i looked over to the one who said it, for some reason he caught my attention more then the other two.

"What you got some sort of problem with that" I snapped, i hated when the men around here think that women are nothing but weaklings.

"No i was just stating, listen why dont you go on home where its safe we wouldnt want you to get hurt now would we." He said smiling.

"What just because im a woman you think im nothing but weak and cant defend my self" I said glaring at the man.

"Wow you have some temper there dont you little girl" He began to laugh.

"I'll show you little girl" I said, i unseathed my sword and attacked him i left him block my attack, but i tripped him and put my blade against his throat. "Dont disrespect me" Was all i said, i put my sword around and walked off.

-Flashback ends-

Okita made me really mad that night by calling me a little girl and basically calling me weak. But since we got to know each other he only does that to tease me, it still makes me mad, but not as much anymore. "Hey Rikka" I looked over and saw Okita, i blushed and looked away.

"Something you want" I said, he began to laugh and sat next to me.

"Awh come on Rikka stop being a little girl" I turned my head and glared at him, which caused him to laugh even more. "I was kidding" He put his arm and around me and said, i blushed even more. 'Why does he always have to tease me like this' i thought. I noticed Heisuke and Chizuru trying not to laugh, i growled at them, the looked at me and laughed.

"What the hell are you two laughing at" I said trying to keep my cool.

"Your face" Heisuke said pointing at me and holding his stomach.

"Why you little brat" I stood up and got ready to punch him when i felt arms wrap around me, my body stiffened, i looked back at Okita smiling at me.

"Dont be so harsh Rikka" He said still smiling, i couldnt help but calm down. For some reason Okita always knew how to do that, he's different from anyone i have met. I looked back at him again and glared, he laughed at me. "Now now dont be such a little girl" He smirked, i turned around and hit him on the head.