☾Anytime☽ (Byakuya one shot)

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Story Start:

“A shoulder to cry on.”

Byakuya’s lips parted slightly, a long sigh escaping his mouth. He continued to stare at his 3rd seat, who was sitting under a sakura tree staring up at the moon. Lately he had been finding her in the same spot doing the same thing. In a way it saddened the dark headed captain, seeing his 3rd seat like that, especially when he noticed her eyes full of pain. Byakuya didn’t understand why she continued to do what she did every night, staring up at the moon. He wanted to understand why her eyes were so full of pain. He finally understood one day when he had asked her the reasons for what she was doing, he finally understood when she had given him an answer. It was what her and her daughter used to do before her husband killed her.

Byakuya felt sorry for his 3rd seat, but in a way he felt connected to her. She understood better than anyone what it was like to lose your partner, just as he understood what it was like. Even though Reina said that she hated her now ex-husband, Byakuya could see in her eyes that she still loved him, even just the slightest.

Byakuya continued to find himself thinking about the black hair, blue eyed woman. He even found himself falling for her, even though he would never admit it to anyone.

Well not yet anyways.

Byakuya quietly walked over to Reina. The closer he got to her, the more he took in her features. She was beautiful, that Byakuya knew very well. But here, under the moons light, she became even more beautiful. The moon was shining off of her, radiating her skin making it look like it was glowing. Her beauty was of something otherworldly.

Byakuya stopped dead in his tracks, now hovering over the dark headed woman. Reina took the sleeve of her uniform and whipped her face. This was the first time that Byakuya had seen Reina cry and honestly it broke his heart. Reina looked up at the captain standing before her and gave him a shy smile. “I’m sorry captain. I know I should be working, bu-“ Byakuya extended his hand forward, silencing Reina.

“Don’t apologize” Byakuya said softly. Reina gave Byakuya a questionable look, but he ignored it. He hesitated awhile before finally sitting down next to Reina on the semi-wet grass. “It’s beautiful out here” Byakuya stated. Reina’s smile grew a little.

“Yes it is.” Byakuya looked over at Reina. He could see the tears building in her eyes. Byakuya sighed. He did something that surprised both Reina and him. He wrapped his arm around Reina’s shoulder and pulled her towards him.

“It’s not good, holding things in” Byakuya said. Even though he couldn’t see it, Reina smiled a real smile, not the smile that she faked.

“Thank you” Reina said. Byakuya kissed the top of Reina’s forehead and pulled her closer to him.

“Anytime” Byakuya said. And he had meant it. She could come to him anytime and he wouldn’t mind, as long as he was with her.

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