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ღFrom Best Friends, to Lovers for a nightღ

[Name] knew that it was wrong what they were doing, but she couldn’t help it. [Name] loved the way that Zane was making her feel. Their bodies continued to mingle in a heated kiss. Zane broke the kiss, his lips moving downward, giving [Name] featherlike kisses until he reached her neck. Zane continued to nip at [Name’s] neck in search of her soft spot. “Zane” [Name] moaned loudly once he reached a certain spot on her neck, causing goose bumps to form down her entire body. Zane smirked. He knew that he had found it.

He nipped, sucked, and kiss [Name’s] soft spot causing [Name] to squirm. Her nails were digging into Zane’s shoulders. Zane stopped kissing [Name’s] soft spot, knowing that he had left a big hickey on her neck. He lightly kissed up [Name’s] neck, meshing his lips with hers once more. Zane slowly started to unbutton [Name’s] shirt, revealing her black-laced bra and bare stomach. He lifted [Name] up and took off her shirt, reaching behind her to unclasp her bra to take it off as well; throwing both articles of clothing onto his floor.

Zane broke off the heated kiss once more, making his way down to [Name’s] breast. [Name] moaned when Zane’s hot breath hit her erected nipple. Zane opened his mouth, his tongue lightly flicking over [Name’s] nipple, forcing her nails into his shoulder even more. [Name] didn’t want this to happen. She knew that she had to stop it, but she was no longer in control of her body. As Zane’s tongue was working on her nipple, she felt his hands undo the button of her pants. Zane stopped teasing [Name] for a moment. He started to lightly kiss down [Name’s] body, taking her pants and her underwear with him until they were completely off; thrown in the same spot where her other clothing was.

[Name] knew that it was too late to stop what was going to happen between them. She knew that her body wouldn’t allow her to stop, no matter how much her mind was fighting against it.

[Name] groaned loudly, her eyes fluttering opened. [Name] flinched when the sunlight hit her eyes, causing her eyes to lightly water. Her head was pounding in skull. She had a horrible headache. It was obvious that she had drank too much last night. [Name] slowly got up, her hand gripping her forehead in the process. She needed something to eat. She had to get rid of this hangover before class. “[Name]” a voice mumbled. [Name’s] body stiffened, her eyes widened. She knew that voice anywhere. [Name] turned around. Zane was smiling up at her.

“Zane” [Name] questioned softly, her voice barely audible. What exactly had happened last night? [Name’s] heart sank to her stomach. They had slept together. [Name] had slept with her best friend in her drunken state. [Name’s] eyes started to tear up forcing Zane’s smile faded.

“What’s wrong, [Name]?” Zane questioned his best friend. Zane slowly got up and grabbed [Name] softly, pulling her towards him.

“Zane, we-we” [Name] stammered. She couldn’t finish what she was about to say. She was torn. This was wrong; everything that had happened last night was wrong. [Name] didn’t feel the same way that Zane felt about her. Zane had told [Name] last night that he was in love with her, but she remembered before she could set him straight, he had cut her off with a kiss. And from there, everything was out of her control. “I have to go” [Name] said. She hurriedly got up, collected her clothing that was thrown on the floor, and got dressed. Zane quickly got up and threw on a pair of his shorts. He walked over to [Name].

“[Name], please tell me what’s wrong” Zane pleaded. He didn’t understand what was wrong with the girl. She was acting completely different from last night. She was acting like she had regretted everything that had happened. But why, didn’t she love him like he loved her?

“Zane, I am so sorry” [Name] told him. [Name] turned around, her [e/c] orbs locking with Zane’s blue ones. Zane’s heart fell to his stomach. Tears were rapidly flowing down [Name’s] cheeks and onto her shirt. “Zane last night shouldn’t have happened. I shouldn’t have let it go that far” [Name] stammered. Her words were rushed, making it hard for Zane to understand. Zane’s eyes narrowed.

“I don’t regret it [Name], drunk or not” Zane told her. Maybe she was feeling like she was because they were both intoxicated last night. If that was the case then Zane would make it clear to her that it wasn’t something to regret. Yeah he could have done things differently when they were both sober, but he couldn’t stop it. His bottled up feelings just started to come out last night and he couldn’t stop them.

“Zane” [Name] paused. She was collecting her words very carefully so that she wouldn’t hurt Zane more than she was already going to. [Name] let out a heavy sigh. There was no easy way to do this. She knew that she was going to hurt him badly, careful words or not. “Zane, I don’t feel the same way that you feel about me” [Name] said quickly, her eyes lowering to the ground. Zane’s heart felt like it was being torn right out of his chest.

“Then why?” Zane snapped causing [Name] to flinch. He was angry. She understood why he was though.

“I-I just” [Name] let out an agonized groan. “I was trying to stop last night that I remember. But I wasn’t in control. I really didn’t mean for it to go that far. I’m sorry” [Name] told him. Zane’s eyes started to water, a huge lump forming in his throat.

“Please go, [Name]” Zane mumbled, his voice cracking. [Name’s] eyes shot up towards Zane. [Name] could see the hurt in Zane’s eyes. [Name] didn’t say anything; she honestly didn’t want to make things worse than they already were, if they could get any worse. [Name] nodded her head, turning around and opening the door.

“I hope that you can forgive me” [Name] told Zane before closing the door behind her. Zane dropped to his knees. The tears that he was trying to hold back began to flow down his cheeks. His world had crumbled. His heart was shattered. His mind was racing with so many thoughts. Nothing made sense. He was mad at [Name] for allowing things to go that far last night, knowing that she didn’t feel the same. But he knew that he couldn’t stay mad at her for long because he loved her too much. But in all reality Zane knew that he had lost [Name] as a lover and as a friend.  

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