☣Want me to entertain you? ☣ (Izaya Orihara oneshot)

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Story Start:

Boring, right now everything was boring.

She kept twirling her blonde locks over and over again around her index finger in an attempt to keep herself occupied. This little act continued repeatedly. Her bright pink lips parted slightly, a sigh escaping her mouth.

Her boredom grew.

“Something on your mind, Miura?” Miura slightly stiffened in her chair; she stopped twirling her hair around her finger, and closed her mouth. Miura knew that cocky voice anywhere, even though they hardly talked to each other. Miura turned her head and looked over her shoulder. There he stood, a few feet away, hands in his coat pocket, and smirking down at her.

“Izaya” Miura said softly. Izaya’s brown eyes locked with Miura’s blue ones.

“You seem surprised to see me here” Izaya said. A slight shiver ran down Miura’s body causing goose bumps to form across her skin. That always happened when her name came out of Izaya’s mouth. She couldn’t place why that happened though. Izaya continued to stare at her, almost like he was trying to read her mind. Miura’s eyes flickered away from Izaya and landed on the window to her right.

“I’m a little surprised” Miura said, her voice heavily laced with boredom. But there was a very slight lace of happiness in her voice as well. For the past 2 weeks Izaya continued to make contact with her. Miura didn’t know why and he never answered her when she asked. Miura could head Izaya’s footsteps echoing against the floorboards, closing the distance between them. Izaya’s face came into her view, forcing her to look at him instead of outside.

“Are you bored, Miura?” Izaya asked. Miura felt Izaya’s finger glide up and down her cheek. She stiffened slightly at his touch.

“Maybe” Miura chocked out. It was strange that she was having trouble speaking. Miura didn’t like anyone, not even Izaya. Izaya’s brown eyes flickered up and down, following the movements of his finger that was still gliding up and down her cheek.

“Want me to entertain you?” Izaya asked, a slight smirk running across his lips. Miura locked eyes with Izaya, giving him a dull stare.

“I thought that you hated your time getting wasted” Miura said. Izaya’s smirk grew a little bigger.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re not really a waste of my time” Izaya said, Miura’s eyebrow arched in a questionable manner.

“And how did you come to that conclusion?” Miura asked. Her boredom started to vanish slowly as she became more and more interested in Izaya’s suggestion of un-boring her. Izaya’s finger stopped gliding over her cheek, his eyes staring intensely at her.

“Hmm… I’m not going to tell you that. Not yet anyways” Izaya said. Izaya straightened out so now he was hovering over Miura. Miura continued to give Izaya a questionable look. Izaya continued to stare down at Miura. Miura noticed that he was staring at her intensely anymore; he was now staring at her questionably. Miura stood up and slowly turned around to face Izaya. Miura was only a couple of inches shorter that Izaya, so he was still staring down at her.

“Something on your mind, Izaya” Miura asked, mimicking Izaya’s question that he had first asked her. Izaya continued to stare at her, like he was considering on what to say next. The slight hesitation from Izaya was odd. I mean don’t get me wrong, Izaya is an odd one, but lately he has been odder than usual. Izaya gave Miura a large smirk. He’s behavior always threw Miura through a loop, but right now they were making her head spin even more. She couldn’t read him as easily as she could someone else, no matter how hard she tried. Izaya un-tucked his hands from his coat pockets and walked towards her, only stopping when their chests were touching.

Miura was frozen in place; she didn’t know what to do with Izaya’s off behavior. An intense shiver ran down Miura’s body as Izaya cupped her face. His touch was surprisingly gentle, something you wouldn’t expect from the cold, twisted Izaya Orihara. Miura’s lips parted, but before she could asked the question that was frozen on her lips, Izaya leaned down towards her and pressed his lips against her. Miura was even more frozen than she was before, but for some odd reason she started to relax.

Izaya slowly broke the kiss, both of them opening their eyes and locking with each others. Miura slightly caught something in Izaya’s eyes that she had never expected to see in his eyes, but as quickly as she noticed it Izaya backed away from her, replacing his hands in his coat pockets.

“I’ll see you around, Miura” Izaya said. Izaya turned around and started to head towards the door. He stopped right outside the door and looked over his shoulder, again locking eyes with her. “And if you ever need un-boring, just let me know” Izaya said. He gave Miura a slight wink before turning his head back to the front of him and heading out of the doors. Miura could hear Izaya’s chuckle echoing off of the walls as he left. Miura let out a loud groan.

“Izaya Orihara” Miura said out loud to no one in particular. Miura slowly sat back down in her chair, placed her feet on the table in front of her, and touched her lips in disbelief. Izaya had kissed her, but why? And does she actually like Izaya and Izaya like her? She didn’t have an answer for any of the questions that were running through her head. She did come to some sort of a conclusion, however. If this was one of Izaya’s games that he likes to play then she wouldn’t mind playing them. For now anyways.

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