Edward Elric X blind reader by UnderTheEyeOfGlass
Edward Elric X blind readerby Acc.UnderRenovation
This story takes place in fort Briggs. You are (Y/N), a blind 15 year old with a past surrounded in mystery. (Also winry will not appear in this storyline. Most of the e...
  • blind
  • reader
  • edward
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[Edward x Reader FMAB fanfic] Flowing Alchemist by GotThatEzioCharisma
[Edward x Reader FMAB fanfic] Flow...by StraightAsAParabola
You are the Flowing Alchemist, one of the strongest state alchemists. You can pick up the skills of any alchemists as long as they are by your side. You also have the ab...
  • fluff
  • brotherhood
  • alphonse
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In Your Arms (Edward Elric x Reader) by smolbeanjenna
In Your Arms (Edward Elric x Reade...by ♡ Jenna ♡
You've known the Elric brothers for as long as you can remember. When you were only 3, your parents died in the Ishvalan war. You went to live with the Rockbells in Rese...
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Sacrifice [Edward Elric x Reader] by WithinTheGalaxies
Sacrifice [Edward Elric x Reader]by Skylynn French
You fall to the ground, unconscious. Ed's grin turns down and his eyes widen in horror. A bright yellow light fills the room. He traces the thick black vine that reached...
  • alchemist
  • edward
  • shamballa
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Always There (FMA: Edward Elric X Reader) EDITING  by xcutiepiexx
Always There (FMA: Edward Elric X...by xcutiepiexx
You have been friends with Edward and Alphonse Elric for as long as you could remember. You guys always had the best times. After the two brothers commit the taboo of t...
  • readerxedwardelric
  • winry
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Edward Elric x Reader~ Lemon by adswan
Edward Elric x Reader~ Lemonby Adswan
  • alphonse
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  • elric
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Equivalent Exchange (Edward Elric X Reader)  by XxAnimeButterflyxX
Equivalent Exchange (Edward Elric...by Bailey/Rosetta
*UPDATED* You've lost so much in your life. Your home. Your family. Your friend....your arm and insides. But you've gained many new friends to keep you going. Despite th...
  • edwardelric
  • fma
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FMA x Reader (Fullmetal Alchemist) by Pinocchio0
FMA x Reader (Fullmetal Alchemist)by Pinocchio0
  • mustang
  • greed
  • edward
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Golden || Edward Elric X Reader One-Shots  by X_Savvy_X
Golden || Edward Elric X Reader On...by Savannah Cross
"Now get married" ----- "Ed fucked everything up" ----- "Remind me" ----- "In your dreams" ----- "I love you" ----- ...
  • fmab
  • edelric
  • ed
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Hiding In The Shadows (a Full Metal Alchemist FanFic) by saturnthehero
Hiding In The Shadows (a Full Meta...by Lila Greenwood
Alchemy. A science formed around the laws of equivalent exchange. Edward and Alphonse Elric learned the hard way that nothing can be exchanged for a human soul. Shortly...
  • rockbell
  • fullmetal
  • elric
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Alchemy: The Center of Our Souls by Majora-sama
Alchemy: The Center of Our Soulsby Majora-sama
You are Anelle Jayne. You're looking to become a state alchemist, and not for the reasons they think. You needed to fix your mistakes, and the military was the way to do...
  • philosophersstone
  • edwardxreader
  • plasma
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It Was Me. Then It Was You. by Petra_Michaelis
It Was Me. Then It Was You.by ~*Little Red*~
Wanting to become a great alchemist you meet Edward Elric. You fall in love and soon you climb up to be Furhur. Having a son and being happily married things take a turn...
  • alchemist
  • edward
  • edwardxreader
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The Frost Alchemist by TwotheStarsandBack
The Frost Alchemistby TwotheStarsandBack
Levy's life was never ordinary. From the time that she was seven to when she was eleven she raised her younger sister, that is until her sister dies. Overly grieved by h...
  • elric
  • fullmetalalchemistbrotherhood
  • alchemy
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Alphonse Elric x Reader Oneshots by NinjaGirl154
Alphonse Elric x Reader Oneshotsby Ninja Girl 16
This is a book about every FMA fan's favorite armored cutie Alphonse Elric and reader oneshots!!!!
  • alphonsexreader
  • fma
  • fmab
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Edward Elric x Reader One-Shots by LilDoodleCat
Edward Elric x Reader One-Shotsby Jay
A collection of one-shots pairing the reader and Edward. This was one of my first books and it shows my growth as an author throughout. This means earlier chapters will...
  • readerinsert
  • animeone-shot
  • animexreader
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Transmuting Love ~ (edXwinry FMAB fanfic) by tAt783
Transmuting Love ~ (edXwinry FMAB...by tAt783
It's about 6:00 pm and I'm just casually sitting in my room reading an automail book with a warm coffee in my hand... It was only this morning I caught a train to Rese...
  • love
  • winryrockbell
  • metal
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Pure Element (Edward Elric x Reader x Alphonse Elric) LEMON [On Hiatus] by Greek_Godess
Pure Element (Edward Elric x Reade...by Monochrome Goddess
So a little back round on your character: You're a state Alchemist, code name Pure Element. You the ability manipulate matter without alchemy circles, but you also have...
  • full
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Same, But Different (A Fullmetal Alchemist fan-fic) by HalfmetalAlchemist
Same, But Different (A Fullmetal A...by Alchy
[ The Most Read Fullmetal Alchemist Fanfiction on Wattpad!] Amestris isn't as clean as everyone thinks it was. Although they are aware of the sketchy past, only more se...
  • fma
  • edwardelric
  • elric
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A Flamed Eternity by HannahHerschell
A Flamed Eternityby Hannah Herschell
Roy Mustang loves Edward Elric...always has, always will. But when Al turns up at Roy's door holding an injured and weak Ed. Mustangs feelings are rocketed upwards, caus...
  • elric
  • fullmetal
  • edward
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Living In The Light (a FullMetal Alchemist sequel) by saturnthehero
Living In The Light (a FullMetal A...by Lila Greenwood
~Sequel to Hiding In The Shadows.~ Scarlett Reems has died. Five feet under the dirt. DEAD! But when she talks face to face with the Truth, she finds that it has given h...
  • edward
  • fullmetal
  • sequel
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