My knight in shining armor(Sebastian Michaelis Lemon)

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Sebastian's P.O.V

"You know he's going to use her against you" Ciel said, walking into the kitchen. Baldroy glanced over to Ciel, eyeing him curiously. My body stiffened slightly. I turned around and glanced over to the young master.

"I'm not sure what you mean" I stated. Ciel rolled his eyes, clearly annoyed.

"Oh come now Sebastian, don't play dumb with me. You know very well what I am talking about. And I tried warning you" Ciel said. He walked over to the kitchen counter where Baldroy was finishing up lunch. Ciel took his hand and picked up a small portion of the food off of the plate, opening his mouth slightly, and placing the food in his mouth. He hummed in delight, giving Baldroy a nod of approval. Ciel turned around from Baldroy and glanced up at me seriously. "Alexis the girl that you have been watching here recently, you really didn't think that someone would have noticed?" Ciel questioned. My heart dropped to my stomach. I didn't know why but ever since I have encountered this woman, I have felt these odd and strange feelings that I can't explain let alone understand. My lips arched in a sly smirk.

"Now why would a woman interest me?" I questioned him amusedly. Ciel's eyes narrowed.

"You know I don't like being treated like a fool, Sebastian" Ciel snapped. It was apparent that he was in a very foul mood today, but I wonder why that is?

"Forever me, my lord, I didn't mean to insult you" I said, placing my hand over my chest and bowing slightly. Ciel let out an annoyed huffing sound.

"So who is she?" Ciel questioned, obviously not about to drop the subject that I wish he would. My eyes narrowed slightly at him. Sometimes he really did get under my skin.

"She is of no importance" I stated, hoping that he would drop it at that. Ciel let out an annoyed groan, rolling his eyes, and walking out of the kitchen.

"I guess I'll find out for myself" I heard Ciel mumble, not thinking that I could hear him. My fist clenched up slightly. I was clearly annoyed. I wish sometimes that he wouldn't put his nose in business that didn't involve him. But then again he did amuse me to some extent by doing so, as long as it was in other people's business and not my own. But the more I thought of Ciel's earlier comments, the more my stomach sank. I hope that Ciel wasn't talking about Alios when he made that comment about her being used against me by someone. Even though I'm still curious as to how she could be used against me. It's not like I cared for her. I just found her entertaining.

Alexis's P.O.V

"It's a pleasure to see you again, my dear kitten." My entire body froze. I knew that voice. It caused my blood to boil and my skin to crawl. I turned around slowly.

"Alios" I hissed. My eyes changed from their normal purple hues into cat eyes. Alios's smirked, letting out a laugh. He walked over towards me until he was invading my space. I narrowed my eyes at him. My body tightened, waiting for a fight that was about to happen.

"Oh come now, I'm not here to hurt you. I just want to talk" He said, amused. I rolled my eyes at him.

"Right because the last time we talked, it ended up with me trying to claw your eyes out" I hissed. Alios took his hand and began to pick underneath his nails.

"I'm not here for you kitten" He mumbled. My eyebrow rose in a questionable manner.

"Then who are you here for?" I questioned. Alios grinned, his eyes turning into mock amusement.

"He's here" Alios said. Before I could get another word out, Alios quickly grabbed my wrist harshly and pulled me towards him. I felt the sharp blade of a knife that he somehow managed to pull out press against my throat. "It's nice of you to join the party, Sebastian" Alios chuckled. My body stiffened. So I was bait for the person that he really wanted? I heard a low and dangerous growl causing my hair to stand up. My eyes searched for the person that he was talking too. My heart raced when I spotted him. He was absolutely, otherworldly handsome. The man standing before me was tall. His hair was a very silky black; it made my hands itch to want to run through his dark locks. His eyes were red and his skin was pale. He was wearing what looked like a butler outfit. He was a demon that was obvious. But why would a demon be wearing a butler outfit? I couldn't help letting out a small laugh, forcing the two men to look at me questionably. I shrugged my shoulders.

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