I'm glad I finally listened(Yugi moto one-shot)

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Name: Angel Hearts
Height: 5''7'
Age: 16
Looks: Lanky, big breasted, long blonde hair to her waist with a red bang (the right one), rusty-brownish-red eyes, thick mascara, maroon lipstick, black nails, tight leather jeans, red frilly shirt, black-choker with red stone (Holding her anicent spirit Angehleak), stiletto heels, thigh stripped stockings (black and red), hoop earrnings, a ring on her right ring finger, and glasses (When playing cardgames; she needs them to read).
Personality: She's usually very happy around her friends, though when alone, she can get very depressed and lonely. She is a calm thinker, thinking before she acts (most of the time!). She doesn't do well infront of large audiences, though she tries to fake coolness, her throat'll usually go dry and she'll freeze. She also tries her best to be a loving person, though sometimes she can snap at others, and trys to hide her emotions. She seems the most comfortable around tiny Yugi, and she dislikes the louder people (as in Joey, Tristen, and Tea).
Likes: Fluffy things, shiny things, kitties, gentle & sweet things, tiny objects/people, her cat Cynder, her art, reading, writing, poetry, anicent things (and studying them), cryptozoology, gems, chess, video games, music, her violin, butterfly kisses.
Dislikes: The color pink, loud noises, getting yelled at, getting bossed around (though she's extremely passive), germs, band.
Enemies: Tea (for her thin with Yugi), Joey & Tristen (They both yell adn scare her), Weevil (She hates bugs), Seto (She hates men with sticks up their butt), Raptor (His voice is pedo-ish), Bandit Kieth (... She just thinks he's pervert).
Friends: Yugi, Bakura, Yami, Mai Valentine, Duke Devilin (and other characters I cannot think of at the moment).
Occupation: Artist/Violinist/Vocalist For Her Band 'Hearts Inc.'/Rising Amuteur Duelist
Love Interests: Yugi Moto
Deck: Dragon, Fairy, Magic, and Cats (Called Mythical Fantasia by her)

Story Start;

Yugi’s P.O.V

My head hurts. There’s too many of them to choose from; so many colors, so many different types. I don’t know which one to choose. Yami appeared beside me. “Yugi, stop stressing over it, she’s going to love whichever one you pick” said Yami. I looked over at him, worried.

“You think so? I just don’t want to choose the wrong one and her not like it” I said, sadly. I turned my attention back to the violins. Angel recently broke hers. Well actually more like Joey and Tristen broke it in a fight. Angel was very upset. I didn’t like seeing her like that. Joey and Tristen said that they would buy her a new one, but I don’t trust their judgments when it comes to violins. I actually don’t think that they know what a violin is. They would probably come into the music store and pick the wrong type of violin, or more importantly they would probably pick the wrong instrument. A slight smile formed on my face at the thought of Joey and Tristen coming in here. They would probably fight over what to get too. I laughed and shook my head back and forth.

“I think she’ll love this one” Yami said as he pointed to a violin. I snapped out of my day dream and walked over to where Yami was. I stopped beside him and looked at the violin that he was pointing at. I grabbed it quickly in excitement.

“It’s perfect” I said, happily. Yami looked over at me and smiled.

“Yeah it is, but you know what would make her birthday today even better than a present” said Yami, questionably. I looked over at him, eyebrow raised.

“What’s that?” I asked. Yami hesitated.

“If you would tell her how you feel about her” said Yami. My face turned red.

“I-I’m go-goin-going to g-go pay fo-for this” I stuttered. I picked up the box that the violin came with and rushed off over to the checkout counter. I can’t tell her how I feel. What if she doesn’t like me back? Then that could just ruin a perfectly good friendship.

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