►Finally◄ (A Paul oneshot)

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Name: Chimney


Looks:*You're picture wouldn't show up, I'm sorry*but with brown hair and wears glasses when she can’t read far away)

Personality: loud and random, hates to be judged, clumsy, generous, kind, determined, perverted, mischievous, lazy, creative

Likes: sleep, eating, pokemon, battling, watching contests, clouds, getting things done

Dislikes: bright light, cold air, spiders, know it alls, loud noises

Hobbies: drawing, making battle combinations

Friends: Paul, Reggie, Ash, Brock, Conway, Barry (Sometimes)

Enemies: Dawn, Zoey, Barry (Sometimes)

Habits: acts on impulse, bites nails when she’s nervous or plays with her thumbs

Background: Mother died when she was little leaving her with her workaholic father, then left on her journey, entered Johto league got the finals but was in an accident that she doesn’t remember

Crush: Paul

Family: Brandon The Pyramid king (Father) Kat Reemay (Cousin)

No Lemon/No Song Fic

Pokemon: Typhlosion (Haze) Flygon (Simon) Spheal (Sponge) Kirlia (Millie) Torterra (Toto) Shinx (Sonic)

Favorite Gym Leader: doesn’t have a favorite

Class: Trainer. Has won four badges from the Sinnoh region. Visited Kanto, Hoenn, Johto, Unova. Never won a pokemon league. Greatest rival Paul.

Story Start:

“Rivals in Love.”

I was finally finished.

It took me 2 long months of practicing to finally perfect the combination of my Kirlia’s psychic attack and my Shinx’s electric attack. Now all I had to do was try it out in battle, and I had the perfect person in mind too. My rival Paul, who is also my crush, but I wouldn’t ever tell him that.

I packed up my things, placing them neatly in my bag, and headed off to find him.

A heavy sigh escaped my now parted lips. Of course Paul was here, challenging my dad once again.

He never gave up on trying to be the best trainer in the entire Sinnoh region. I admire him for his determination. It was the first thing about him that attracted me to him.

As I closed in on my dad, the pyramid king Brandon, and Paul, I heard part of their conversation; which didn’t sound like Paul was challenging my dad again. “So do I have your permission?” Paul asked my dad seriously. My dad crossed his arms over his chest as he stared down at Paul, thinking about his question. A small smile played across my dad’s lips.

“Maybe” my dad replied. Paul’s eyes narrowed a bit at my dad. Even from here I could tell that my dad’s answer wasn’t what Paul was looking for. What made me curious was what were they talking about before I found them here.

“What are you two talking about?” I asked them as I stopped walking a few feet away from the two men, who were still eyeing each other. I noticed Paul’s entire body freeze, his face turning a faint red. Which he’s been doing a lot lately every time that I come around him; it’s really starting to confuse me.

“Hello, my princess” My dad said happily as he walked over to me and kissed me on the top of my head.

“Hi dad” I mumbled. My entire face turned red in embarrassment. I kept telling him not to do that, but he wouldn’t listen. My entire body burned, like someone was staring at me intensely. I looked over at Paul and noticed him staring at me, his face emotionless like always. “Hi, Paul” I said, giving him a smile. Sometimes I wished that Paul would loosen up, even just a bit. Paul continued to stare at me, which was starting to make me a little uncomfortable.

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