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The Things She's Seen (An Alternate Story-Line) by strawhat_pirate
The Things She's Seen (An Straw
WARNING: OLD STORY!!! REPOSTING AT REQUEST OF THE PPL!!!! IS NOT EDITED!!! MAY NOT UPDATE!!! Shy and timid, Hollow doesn't know much about the world, or herself. She's s...
Akatsuki Boyfriend Scenarios.  by Alli_pix
Akatsuki Boyfriend Scenarios. by
Akatsuki boyfriend scenarios for you <3 Requests are open🖤🤍 ⚠️fm reader⚠️ -Pain❤ 💟-fluff -Hidan 🤍 ❤️‍🔥-smut/nsfw -Deid...
Alone together (Akatsuki kittens) by Black4raven15
Alone together (Akatsuki kittens)by Black4raven15
Alone. That's how I've always felt. Until one stormy night when I was heading home and I stumbled upon a kitten. Soon after that, my life starts to change drastically. N...
Akatsuki BF scenarios by Awesomelemonaids
Akatsuki BF scenariosby Awesomelemonaids
Just a bunch of different scenarios about you and some Akatsuki members. I know that there are heaps of these but I don't care... please enjoy XD (btw I don't own Naruto)
TBD - Naruto Fanfiction by LegendDragoness
TBD - Naruto Fanfictionby LegendDragoness
I fell asleep, and woke up in my favorite universe. As a cat. In the middle of Konoha. Whatever could go wrong, right? Other than the fact that I can barely pick up a...
A tbjzl fan fiction by tbjzl123
A tbjzl fan fictionby tbjzl123
Abi was in an awful accident and a young man called Tobi came to her rescue, initiating a relationship:) this is my first fan fic so I would appreciate any feedback!!! ...
New World (Akatsuki) by LetsCauseChaos
New World (Akatsuki)by Chaos☁︎
After Tobi releases a jutsu from a mysterious scroll, the Akatsuki find themselves in a foreign world. //Two OC's, Itachi X OC, Deidara X OC// //cover image is not mi...
The future? An Unexpected Meeting (Modern!OP!Reader × Akatsuki) by PlayerHacker
The future? An Unexpected Y/n
You are a 20 years old billionaire, and the richest person in the world, one day when you decided to take a walk in your "backyard", you somehow met the Akatsu...
Why am I here? || Naruto fanfic by Hazardous-kun
Why am I here? || Naruto fanficby ( ́ ◕◞ε◟◕`)
"I get to send you to another dimension, God said I could~! We made a deal and it went something like this..." He then snapped his fingers and a white board sh...
Adventures With The A-KAT-SUKI x. male-childreader !STORY on HOLD! by 2D_people
Adventures With The A-KAT-SUKI Waterisgood4u
Y/n is a normal child right . . . ? Y/n was a orphan his parents died when he was 3 months old. He got taken in by an orphanage that was in his village. Y/n lived in the...
Sweet tooth (Tobi/Obito x reader) by Awesomelemonaids
Sweet tooth (Tobi/Obito x reader)by Awesomelemonaids
(Y/n) is a half wolf half human hybrid, looking like a normal person except having the ears, sharp teeth and tail of a wolf. One day she is discovered by the Akatsuki wh...
Catastrophe (Akatsuki x Reader) by alecxier
Catastrophe (Akatsuki x Reader)by alec
The Akatsuki are turned into kittens and wake up in a world much more advanced than their own, they're taken in by a kind girl and her friend. Will they get the answers...
Saving The Akatsuki by axolotl_frog1
Saving The Akatsukiby Mesmerize
A mysterious Shinobi was forced to join a feared criminal organization. Barriers were broken and shenanigans were pulled, but when everything takes a turn for the worse...
AKATSUKI In my House!? by Nami-ru
AKATSUKI In my House!?by Nami-ru
I was just sleeping out in my bed in till I heard some unfamiliar noises. I woke up lazily, and found a man with silver hair, pink and purple like eyes, on top of me sta...
akatsuki boyfriend scenarios  by dotsuitarehonpo
akatsuki boyfriend scenarios by 有栖川帝統
joining an organization isn't really bad especially if one of them happens to be your boyfriend. now the question is... just which one of them is your boyfriend?
Heroes Or Villains Naruto X BNHA Crossover [UP FOR ADOPTION] by Tobi-the-good-boy
Heroes Or Villains Naruto X BNHA Obito's left nut
When Naruto gets killed in the war with Kaguya he finds himself in a place of so called heroes. After receiving help from a certain villain will Naruto decide to stay wi...
Deadly Lullaby of the Akatsuki by Celeste-Ominous
Deadly Lullaby of the Akatsukiby Theo
No-one is equipped to handle this sort of thing, dead people walking, creating more and more of themselves. No-one could ever be prepared to handle this sort of thing! E...
Harry Potter: The cost of neglect by Malevolent1
Harry Potter: The cost of neglectby Malevolent1
Harry Potter, eldest triplet of the Potter family however he was born with weak magical energy so he was neglected for his two younger triplets the supposed children who...
Neglected Naruto: The Best Water Dragon User by koolwegamgirly14
Neglected Naruto: The Best Water _stories_
Their is a boy named Naruto who being mistreated by everyone in the village including his own family. Ever since he was born, he was treated like an outcast, a monster...
The Art Of Having No Idea ~ Harry Lewis  by ItsAFanThingOk
The Art Of Having No Idea ~ It's A Fan Thing Ok
Life for Sophia takes a sudden turn when Harry enters it. Shes older than him, a single mum and not into the same things he is... But they still manage find things in co...