A day at the beach (Kyoya lemon one shot)

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Name: Kimiko Hotaru

Age: 18

Looks; long brown hair, green eyes

Personality: sweet, kind-hearted, sarcastic at times...

Likes: Moon, stars, chocolate, reading, writing, singing, and laughing; playing the piano

Dislikes: Rude people, the color yellow lol

Hobbies: Reading, writing, listening to music

Friends: All of the host club members

Eneimes: Renge Houshakuji (she gets on my nerves so bad, if I could stop her from coming out of the floor I would Lol)

Habits: humming when I'm bored, biting my lips when I'm nervous

Background: Just switched to Ouran, my father thought I should try a more suitable school (aka rich) At first I never went to the Host Club because I thought it was stupid, but when Tamaki found out about my popuality and whom my father was he insisted I join, I didn't want to but he annoyed me until I agreed. I thought that Kyoya is different from all the other hosts, and I liked him as soon as I saw him.

Crush: Kyoya Ootori

Family: Father & Mother, I'm an only child. (Father owns numerous, different companies)

Lemon/No Lemon: Lemon ;)

Song Fic/No Song Fic: If you want to add something in there you can, it doesn't matter to me (:

Are you a host or do you help the hosts: Host

Favorite hostess: Kyoya, although I always still Tamaki he is, so he won't go cry in his emo corner for hours Lol

Story Start;

Kimiko’s P.O.V

My ponytail started to sway with the wind, the sounds of the waves crashing filled my ears, along with everyone’s voices, and the smell of the ocean filled my nostrils. We were finally at the ocean, a day with no fans, well besides a few, and a day to ourselves to relax. “So peaceful,” I said as I stretched. The car ride down here was long, so my body was a little tense. I looked down to a smiling Hunny as he tugged on my dress.

“Do you want to come swimming, Kimi?” Hunny asked, using the nickname that he gave me. I smiled back at him.

“Well of course” I said. Hunny giggled, grabbed my hand, and dragged me forward. “Where are we going, Hunny?” I asked the kid like blonde boy. Hunny looked over his shoulder at me.

“To the changing room” Hunny said. Hunny continued to drag me the rest of the way to the dressing room despite me telling him that I can walk on my own. Once inside the changing room I changed into my two piece black swimsuit with lime green lines on it. I wrapped a towel around me, put my flip flops on, and left the changing room to join the others on the beach. Once on the beach I noticed Hunny, Mori, and Haruhi, catching crabs, Hikaru and Kaoru playing in the ocean, Tamaki was entertaining the fan girls that had for some reason come and Kyoya was sitting on a blanket under an umbrella writing something. I decided to go see what Kyoya was going.

“You do realize that this is a vacation, right?” I asked Kyoya as I sat down on the blanket next to time. Kyoya stopped writing whatever it was that he was working on and gave me a sideways glance.

“Yes, I know that. But if I don’t get this done then the host club will have a financial problem” Kyoya said. I smiled a little.

“Well I think that you should work on it later and have some fun right now” I said. Kyoya looked away from me and starting working on what he was working on again.

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