I'm glad it was you(Sasuke Uchiha oneshot)

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Name: Shadow Yuki

Age: 15

Look:  you have black hair and eyes also ahir is

Character personality:quiet, doesn't like to talk much, but sarcastic and has a habit of cursing alot
observant and hates people who she doesn't know and very cold

Character background:Her father trained her relentlessly from the age of 3 and became emotionless by the age of 5 after her mum walked out claiming and she was a mistake never to love her her older sister and brother both 6 years older then her killed everyone in the clan beside shadow and both joined the Akatsuke, Shadow then was thrown out onto the streets and lived for 3 years turning her colder and hating everyone until she joined the acadamy the Hokage relising she had no where to live placed her to live with Sasuke and both became friends after a while then finnishing the acadamy at the age of 9 then going Anbu captain by 13

Friends:Sasuke, Hinata, Gaara, Shikamru and somtimes Naruto

Enemies:Her older brother and sister- Kai and Gemma. Orchimaru and Doesn't like Sakura or Ino

Family: Kai and Gemma rest dead

Crush: Sasuke well sutra doesn't know yet

Extra:got a curse mark of heaven when 12 and her and team 7 go out on missions

Sasuke’s P.O.V

I put my plate in the sink, rinsing it off. While I was rinsing I looked over at the clock on the wall. “It’s 7:40. We have to meet everyone at the front gates at 8:00” –sigh-. I turned off the water, grabbed a towel and dried my hands. “Shadows still not awake, guess I’d better go wake her up” I said as I made my way towards Shadows room. Shadow’s been living with me for 6-7 years now. At first I didn’t like it, but after awhile I got use to her being here so I stopped caring about her living with me. Once I reached Shadow’s room I raised my hand ad was about to knock when the door flung open and Shadow ran into me.

“Mother fucker, what the hell” Shadow cursed as she rubbed her forehead. I shook my head back and forth at her, trying not to laugh.

Shadow’s P.O.V

I stopped rubbing my forehead and looked up. Sasuke was standing in front of my trying not to laugh. I walked forward and pushed Sasuke lightly. “Not funny, Uchiha” I said. Sasuke looked at me and smiled.

“Actually it kind of was and it’s even funnier with your hair all messed up. Ever heard of a brush, Shadow?” Sasuke said as he pointed to my bed head. I growled slightly.

“Fuck off, Uchiha. I’m going to go and take a shower” I said. I walked past Sasuke and headed towards the bathroom.

“We have to meet everyone at the gates in 15 minutes” called Sasuke.

“I know, give me 10” I called back as I walked into the bathroom and close the door behind me.

Sasuke’s P.O.V

-10 minutes later-

“Alright let’s go. I’m ready” Shadow said as she walked into the living room. I loved over at her. I couldn’t help but notice how stunning she looked with her hair still partially wet. I looked away quickly before she noticed me staring at her.

“Alright” I said. I walked over to the kitchen table, grabbed my bag, and headed out the front door right behind Shadow. It only took us 5 minutes to reach the gates, right on time too.

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