A Shuhei Hisagi short love story

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Name: Ayame Drangonmier

Kind: Vizard

Clan: Ancient Drangonmier clan (made up)

Age: looks about in her early 20's

Zanpakuto: The heaven and hell Zanpakuto (made up)

Family: Mother- deceased

Father- deceased

Alex (little brother) - deceased

Soonya (big sister- deceased

History: The Drangonmier Clan is an ancient and powerful clan in the soul society. Each clan member is a wielder of a dragon, the dragon is locked inside the Drangonmier member and they are the only ones who can control them. The only other person that can control each and every dragon is the chosen Drangonmier. Once every 1000 years a Drangonmier is chosen. What makes the Drangonmier clan so powerful is not only can they control a dragon but they are all the fastest soul reapers in the entire soul society, and they have hidden powers. On Ayame's 11th birthday her whole family was massacre in front of her by a soul reaper, which is now why she resents them. The soul reaper killed them in front of her to unlock Ayame’s hidden powers since she is the chosen Drangonmier.

Name: Shuhei Hisagi

Kind: Soul reaper, lieutenant of squad 9

Story Start:

It's been a long time since I’ve been in the soul society, haven't been here in almost 150 years. But here I am, here in the soul society, now standing over my families grave "Mother, Father, Alex, Soonya, I know it’s been a long time since I last visited you. I’m sorry that it took me so long to visit again, but for a long time I lost my way and I couldn’t come to the reality that you all are really gone. I miss you are greatly and wish that you were still here, but I can't change the past. But like father always said what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. I love you all and I promise that I’ll visit more often now that I’m back again." As I put the flowers down on the graves I couldn't help but remember all the good times we had. All of a sudden I noticed a presence behind me.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" it was a man’s voice. I began to stand up and said while facing them

"My my so many questions," I said as I finished facing them I noticed that there were 4 of them, all male. I studied them closely waiting for one of them to make a move or try something stupid.

" I asked you a question, now answer them," I looked at the one who spoke, he has purplish spiky hair, 3 scars on the left side of his face and a 69 tattoo on the other side 'my he’s cute isn’t he' I thought as I smirked at him.

"And if I don’t answer, are you going to force the answers out of me?"I asked

"I'll force them out of you woman," I turned to the one that stepped forward and said that.

'How reckless is this man, jumping into a battle without knowing his opponent first, obviously he likes to fight and get to know them later’ I thought.

'"Ikakku you shouldn’t be jumping into things. This woman may be pretty and seem harmless, but I get the feeling that she’s stronger then she’s allowing us to realize," Said a man with feathers on his head.

"Yumichika shut the fuck up, who cares if she’s strong or not. Either way I'll force the answers out of her,” Said Ikakku.

'Hmm so the bald guys name is Ikakku and the other one with the feathers on this face is Yumichika, good to know.' I thought.

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