✧Isn't it obvious✧ (Deidara one shot)

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Name: Mirra Hindya

Age: 20

Looks (Picture is better):

Personality: I am very quiet and don't like to talk to people because of the fire demon inside of me. I am very creative and spends most of my time drawing, writing and (most of the time) making music.

Likes: Music, time alone, fire, heat, sun, writing, reading, woods, night, cooking, dancing and having fun

Dislikes: Cold, winter, puppets, silence, wide open spaces, screaming, death, Houjin, water (except for showers!), and having nothing to do.

Hobbies: Making music, writing, reading, drawing, playing with fire

Friends: I don't have many friends, but I get along with just about everyone. I just have trouble taking the time to stay in touch with people, and Houjin doesn't really help... I guess I would say Gaara is a friend. We certainly have a lot in common. I get along with most of the other members in the Akatsuki, but I am not sure that 'friend' is the best word to use with some of them. Oh, and of corse there is my pheonix, Serafina. She's my purdy birdy!

Enemies: Houjin, Orochimaru, Kabato,

Habits: I bite my nails, talk to myself, and make fire without realising it.

Background: I grew up in the land of sound, and have always been possessed by a fire demon (not a tailed beast) named Houjin. My parents were killed when I was six (cause I'm silly and cliché). I stayed in my village, but most of the people completely forgot about me. I was able to hide away and fend for myself. I hate my team, and they constantly pretend that I don't exist. When the chunin exams came along, I became a Chunin and continued to ignore my team. While in hidden leaf I met several different teams, but didn't really become 'friends'. After I became a chunin, things started to go wrong. I was able to become jounin, but by that point Houjin was bent on making me do his will. He started to take me over and forced me to do really awful things. Needless to say, this attracted the attention of the Akatsuki and once Pein found out about Houjin, I was in.

Crush: Deidara

Family: Long Dead

If Naruto/Naruto Shippuden;

Rank: Jounin, Missing Nin

Village: Sound

Elements you specialize in: Fire

What do you specialize in(GenJutsu/Ninjutsu/Taijutsu): Ninjutsu

Are you in the Akatsuki or no: Yes

Do you have a Kekkai Genkai? If yes then explain what Kekkai Genkai it is and it's powers; I am able to create sound, mostly music, from nothing - as in not using my voice. It is basically a 'One man band' ability. It is how I work on my music.

Do you have any special powers?Kekkai Genkai, Calling on Houjin's powers, and summoning my Pheonix, Serafina.

Any additional information about your character or questions I haven't asked, you can add.- I used to have a 'thing' with Kabato, and yes, I realise I was an idiot for dating him.- Serafina's tears have healing abilities- I really don't like Itachi, but I would not go as far as to call him an enemy. I don't want him dead, I just want to punch his stupid face in!- I call Kisame 'Fishstick'

Story Start:

“Finally, my reality is better than my dreams.”

I’m not a sociable person.

I spend most of my time alone, in my own little world. It doesn’t really bother me.

Well not all the time.

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